We’re Traveling….. Indiana Dunes!

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Perhaps visiting Indiana isn’t really traveling, it’s just one hour from here. But, it sure was a vacation! Come to think of it, my excuse for not posting last week was due to “vacation”…  and it came true! Funny how thoughts can become reality.

We vacationed at the dunes on the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Not just a beach house, but a full-on party house which accommodates 30 guests.

beach house

Miller Beach

We stayed for three days. The catering couple I’ve work for, invited us… I can put together some brilliant platters:

And, plate like a pro:

This event went from a 45 person cocktail party, to a formal dinner for 10.

Back to Indiana…

Seeing the Indiana Dunes had been recommended so many times. Arrogantly, I would blow it off – I mean, I know dunes… living most my life on the west coast. When this invitation was extended, I figured it was an opportunity I shouldn’t pass over. Let’s just go check out these dunes already.

What a surprise. I actually found myself looking off the balcony, thinking I would spot a seal or dolphin, it was so ocean-like.

These dunes are the closest thing to Surf City the midwest has. When the lake gets stirred up, it even sounds like the ocean. We didn’t have crystal clear days, storms would pass through and clouds kept the sand cool and the sun at bay.

I think the house was near capacity, and now we have some new friends in the Woods, our neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “We’re Traveling….. Indiana Dunes!

  1. Susanna Harrison

    Never knew this place existed! Thanks for continuing to open my eyes to the possibilities in this vast country. You two are something else. Those plates of food made me so hungry…xoxo


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