Waterfall Week, Oregon

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Reunited with Thor

It was a joyful, cold and bumpy reunion. After kicking right up, and moving out of the parking stall, Thor stalled. waiting in the vanTroubleshooting the obvious stuff, and the not-so-obvious-stuff we could not get the engine to spark. Luckily, I have the number of Mr. Whitebeard, a master mechanic. Not only does he have a white beard, he’s also a super nice person – he made a house call. After poking around for about 5 minutes he discovered our engine computer somehow got unplugged. Did I mention he’s a nice person? He didn’t even charge us! Once the thing was engaged, we were in business.

Time to Get Our Feet Wet

One thing the Pacific Northwest has, is an abundance of waterfalls. You don’t need to travel far, or hike a great distance in order to discover the majestic power & beauty of a waterfall. I relish the anticipation when entering the misty clouds. You notice the trail gets muddy, a wet swirling breeze envelopes you, as you take in the waterfall drama. I need to shout my conversation to Woody.waterfall

But a waterfall can also be gentle. Romantic. It’s the absence of power which makes you stop, and take notice. A waterfall like this, is the definition of peaceful.small waterfalls

Live Music Hike

You know what’s great? A daytime serenade while you’re on a waterfall hike. Hiking to live Stipan originals, and you have the hike you thought only dreams were made of! Not everyone will experience a Music Hike in a lifetime… I feel so fortunate!

Waterfall Extravaganza

I think if I were in charge of the Waterfall Awards, mine would go to Silver Falls State Park. We have camped here before, but were not allowed to bring dogs on the hiking trails. We’d always wanted to hike the falls, but guilt prevented us. This year was our chance, and the Trail of 10 Falls turned out to be one of the most inspirational hikes I’ve been on since the Sound of Silence hike in Utah. Oh, but it was much colder here.

After compiling these photos, it made me wonder if there are Waterfall Travelers? You know, like those folks that seek lighthouses or roller coasters…travelers whose mission is to see the great waterfalls of the world? I’m curious what their travels would look like?

Do You Have a Favorite Waterfall?

4 thoughts on “Waterfall Week, Oregon

    1. Hali Post author

      I love the name: Gooseberry Falls! The park should have asked for assistance naming their falls – I mean, “Upper North Falls” just doesn’t cut it…

  1. John Stipan

    Blessings Only to my favorite world travelers! From the road we gather at the trailhead and we hug and move our legs into a realm of Nature and wonder. We reminisce. We laugh. We listen. We are grateful for the opportunity to venture to the next adventure. We meet and greet strangers along the way. In their faces I see the face of God. On the trail I see the body of God’s creation. Splendid traveling with you!
    May we do it again very soon. Thank you for your invitation.
    John Stipan

    1. Hali Post author

      It was splendid doing a little traveling with you & Brenda too… thank you so much for making yourselves available for this waterfall hike~


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