Update from the Road: BlueRidge Parkway, VA to Asheville, NC

Have you experienced an enchanting moment in nature? You know, something like seeing your footprints spread with phosphorescence on a beach, or a meteor shower on a clear, moonless night? Well, we had that moment. We saw the deep forest sparkle with the lights of thousands of fireflies. Flashes of light, dancing to the cricket & frog songs; surrounding us, with nothing else visible. I still can’t get over the magic of it. I feel so lucky to have been there. We’re still seeing fireflies, but for some reason that night was a firefly event, unlike any other.

Where Y’all From?

It dawned on me late in the game that this question was mostly directed to us. Not the folks ahead of us in the line, or the people who just ordered their meal…  It suddenly hit me. We, apparently, talk funny. At least noticeably different, warranting the query.

It’s nice to be asked actually. Not only a point of conversation, but we gain some pretty cool insight along the way, because people enjoy sharing their part, of our country.

Have Y’all Been Camping?

Another question we’ve gotten our share of, especially when we descend upon the nearest Visitor Center or Fuel Station. Woody enjoys it when people note our eau de campfire. Me,? I’m reminded why I have FeBreeze in the rig. Now y’all just use it!

Meadow Camp, Julian Price Campground on the Blue Ridge

This is our second ride, roller-coasting the Blue Ridge. It was drier the first time. We are now expert at taking note of the wind picking up (a sign of mountain weather change), eating while doing dishes, throwing stuff in a dry bag quickly, then huddling up in the rig.

I’ve been so pleased with our meals on this leg, that we invited some through-hikers for dinner. Lexie and Aaron were on the lesser-populated MST – or, Mountain Sea Trail. What delightful people! I’ll be compiling a video of our cooking-camp-life when I have some solid WiFi working for me. But in a nutshell, we roasted a whole chicken on an open campfire. My neck was on the line for having this work – Woody would rather eat veggies than spend the $$ on “my” pasture-raised chicken.

Meal Success!
Faux-jita Night

It worked.

Asheville, North Carolina

 I believe Woody & I could settle in Asheville. Picture a small mountain town, a robust art industry (Abby the Spoon Lady lives here!), a solid “all people welcome factor,” 

Asheville, NC

and a beer industry that is paralleled to Portland. I think that’s a fair shakedown of Asheville. 

Since the beer scene is our thing, check out these creative craft breweries we discovered in town:

Where Y’all Heading?

Well, we’ve left Asheville and have been camping all week. We should be in Savannah, Georgia today, for a second look. We were there in 2016 with Carlos, and though memorable, there were a few things we had promised ourselves to come back for. Please check us out next week, for that update. 

Thank y’all for following.

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4 thoughts on “Update from the Road: BlueRidge Parkway, VA to Asheville, NC

  1. Audrey P Adams

    Great pics as usual! Asheville sounds a lot like Bend — 29 micro breweries and counting. Yes, so many magical moments to remember from nature. Phosphorescence on the Santa Cruz beach when all the waves lit up the waters, but my favorite? Being in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm hiking at 9,000 ft elevation!


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