Top 10 Nicknames for Portland Oregon

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I’m recycling a post I published a year ago. I thought it fitting to recycle, being in Portland and all.

In frankness, this is just a shortcut to creating new material. This week turned out to be a perfect balance of chasing my tail, and reconnecting. But, the next thing you know, it’s a late Saturday night and I gotta get something out there! So today I bring you the repeat: our top 10 nicknames for Portland, Oregon.

1. City of Roses

Couple different theories on how this nickname took hold, but there is no denying there are roses everywhere in our city. (March isn’t the best time to appreciate their beauty, but other spring flowers are picking up the slack.) Apparently, the City of Roses is the “official” nickname of Portland. And, believe it or not, didn’t become official until June 18, 2003.

peach colored roses

June 4, 2017

2. Bridgetown

Or, City of Bridges. Eavesdropping on a summer segway tour, I heard the guide describe the city

portland bridges

as, “frequently referred to as Bridgetown. There are 9 bridges crossing the Willamette and 3 crossing the Columbia. Tilikum Crossing, the newest bridge, is less than 2 years old and is exclusive to pedestrian, cyclist and mass transit only. It shaves 20 minutes off my commute!”

Tilikum Crossing - portland's newest bridge

new bridge: Tilikum Crossing!

3. Potland

Woody came up with this one. Cracked me up. After being gone for three years, it’s no surprise this new nickname jumped. The little marijuana shops seem prolific and unabashed.


4. Rip City

These two words experienced viral status in 1971, thanks to Blazer game announcer Bill Schonely. My take: Schonely was momentarily tongue-tied at the shocking long shot a player just swooshed. All he could muster to his listening audience was, Rip City!! 

Boom! History city sign

5. P-Town

I use this one now & then. I hear others use it now & then. It’s a pretty common one amongst friends. When you Google it, and “get lucky”, it directs you to everything Provincetown, Massachusetts, not Portland, Oregon. So, use it cautiously, it may get complicated. In and around Portland, I think you’d be safe.

6. PDX

Our airport code. When I type, text, write a postcard, I use “PDX”. I don’t believe I say it though. I know this must be a popular one. Just check out the love affair our city has with the airport carpet. Me included.

converse-like shoes on portland, airport carpet


7. Portlandia

In our travels,”Portandia” would be the most common nickname I’ve heard other people use. For the most part, I believe this may be how our nation sees Portland.

8. Stumptown

In my opinion, Portland has outgrown this lumber-rooted nickname. One day, this would probably make more sense, but today, there are so many lush, ginormous (that’s a word!), proud trees around our City. I’ve even seen city trees with idolized status. Trunk and limbs adorned with tapestry.

9. Beervana

I would occasionally toss out “Beervana” when addressing the standard brew-tour introductions. However, it was in Ashland, NC, when I was advised this nickname more appropriately goes to other cities. (Yeah, like Ashland, NC.) You see, I needed to consider per capita. Today, I don’t really use this nickname any sign

Then I did some homework

Before hitting the “Publish” button, I did a little homework to see if we missed anything obvious. I felt like there should be a nickname with the word “rain” in it. Nope, couldn’t find anything. But we did over look one. And it’s a doozy:

10. Little Beirut

Did you know that? This nickname is credited to the Bush/Quayle administration, somewhere between 1989-90. Apparently every time Bush or Quayle came to Portland, protests erupted. These protests could be disruptive and disgusting; such as puking puddles at a $2,500/plate Republican fundraiser. But this is Portland. Protesters didn’t just puke, but being clever Reed students, puked red, white & blue. By dying and eating potatoes, then drinking Ipecac at precise puke opportunities.

Protester with sign

our recent, barf-free protest

There you have it, Portland nicknames. Did I overlook any? What’s your go-to nickname for Portland? Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Nicknames for Portland Oregon

  1. Mormor

    It may be recycled but it still sounds fresh and funny! (Little Bend has over 24 pot stores — not that there’s anything wrong with that, or that I would care). Happy Easter eggs! Love xoxo


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