To Oregon via California

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Where has this week gone?!

There was the extended weekend in the Bay Area… We visited Valeen, Woody’s stepmom, who we haven’t seen since forever. We caught the Murray’s as they skirted from Napa to San Jose. (We’ve opened the Ideology 2014 Cab, and it is gorgeous! Thank you.)  We also connected with my cousin Mark; he picked a perfect spring hike along a canal which borders the bay.

Then we came to Portland

Where I participated in my very first protest march! March For Our Lives. Yes, here I am, a product of the 60’s, and until this weekend, had NEVER participated in a protest march. I rationalize that I’ve “sacrificed” my protest-self. . .  fearful it could hurt my professional career. I don’t need to think about that now.

And it’s about time I participate in the big picture. The future.

The posters were clever, however there was none more poignant than a 5 year old with a sign pinned to his shirt: “Am I next?”  Here are a few that I captured:

The morning march felt like a success. I’ve learned there’s nothing like a peaceful protest to fill you with positive energy. The vibes stay with you all day.

Now, if only we can keep this debate in the front lines for more than a day. We should not tolerate gun violence, and laws must change.

On a Lighter Note

I bought a new little point and shoot camera. It’s from the same family as my last one, a Panasonic Lumix. Has a nifty viewfinder/screen which pivots… got to practice just before sending the newsletter.

Thanks for following!

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8 thoughts on “To Oregon via California

  1. Deb Helgerson

    Hey Hali! Vicariously enjoying your world travels, blogs, and photos. Sorry I missed you at the march last week I guess I was too busy reading the signs to look at the faces holding them. Glad you’ve found your groove. Me too. Deb

    1. Hali Post author

      Here’s to always finding a good groove! Thrilled to hear from you, I think of you often and glad to see you joining this ride…

  2. Lois St. Sure

    Next time you’re in the Bay Area, give us old people a call. Jay is a terrific cook!! and he makes the wine and cheese. I do eat well.
    We marched yesterday. We carried signs both front and back. Jay made several extras and people were grabbing them. When I worked, my politics were well known. My boss (the Treasurer/Tax Collector of Marin County) was a Republican and he loved me so I did something right. However, I was known to speak my mind – I even corrected his spelling once on a political flyer he sent out when he was running for office and from then on I had to proof read everything he did politically. No good deed goes unpunished.

    I’ve got 3 Democratic daughters so I did something right. Their dad is a Republican.

    Love your blog,

    1. Hali Post author

      Hey you old people! I think I qualify for that club too… Wish we took more time to connect with you, and many of our CA connections. Our paths will have to cross soon.

  3. John Stipan

    Bravo my friends! Welcome back to Oregon! Are you in your same house? I’d love to visit you sometime? Peace & Love, John

    1. Hali Post author

      We are staying with Emily. We aren’t sure on our timing at this point, but I’ll reach out to you when we have some sort of plans ironed out.


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