Times Are Changing

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We should be on our way any day now! This time around, I’ve decided to pare down on the clothing. We’re also lightening up our gear. For example, instead of 4 hoodies – really, I had 4 hoodies! – I’m bringing two. I had two knit hats, two flip flops, 3 knit scarves, two hacky sacks, 8 books, two journals – I’m trying my hardest to get this down to one of each!

As for the gear that’s not going this time: a fishing pole & tackle, a full body pillow (yes, this was in addition to our two standard pillows), a heavy duty folding chair (it had a built in “ottoman”), and an ice-chest-sized pantry. Our pantry will now consist of a grocery bag.

Then there are the items which are invaluable keepers – even at twice their weight: a dry bag which snugs into the bathtub,Thor Dry Bag

the vinyl area-mat which helps keep debris out,

not that Carlos is debris...

not that Carlos is debris…

the sherpa, which is an organizer’s companion:


This & That, Things, ???, and Stuff

Sherpa in Lock Down

Sherpa in Lock Down

and two sharp kitchen knives. Don’t leave home without ’em!

So, I’m comfortable about leaving some of my extras behind. I’m confident our snacks, general meal plans, playlists, and reduced wardrobe, are all perfectly set for the next leg.

The one thing I keep wondering is, how we’ll manage to keep up with Carlos’ aging? Don’t misunderstand, he is still spry.


Still a Water Dog!

It’s evident he enjoys his time in the sun,


and does his daily flip-flops.


He may get dizzy or lose his balance when he shakes off, but at least he can bounce up from the rolling around. Well, maybe not bounce, it’s more like, heaves himself up… which is my point, things are different.

Señor Carlos, we have hit the senior stage of doghood. We now have to prepare meals for him. It took us awhile to figure this one out. Even bacon grease wasn’t helping the kibble go down. We’ve deduced the kibble is too hard to chew – even though to me, it never seemed like he chewed anything, it just went down in a gulp. By incorporating the same old kibble with chicken or beef stock, throw in some chicken livers, this softer meal goes down pretty easy. Despite how bony and skinny he appears, he eats all the time! 

Carlos has a Personal Chef

Carlos has a Personal Chef

Where there were years of him quadrupling our mileage on any given hike, or stroll, we now occasionally need to give him a lift.P1010051

Carlos is more stubborn too. He will insist on which way to go, or simply, not go. I tease that Woody and ‘los look like a man leading his donkey.

from the Lazy Travelwriter


This one is sort of funny, but, some meals he can’t eat from the tile floor. He gets so excited about the meal, he gets weak kneed! He doesn’t have the muscle strength, or paw traction, to keep his legs from sliding out from underneath himself.

How this may play out while we’re on the road? We’ll find out soon enough! First stop will be St. Augustine, then north toward Savannah, Georgia.

Hold on Carlos. . . we are heading out for some more adventures!


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    1. Woody

      Willie is on our playlist though our theme song is Road Trippin’~Red Hot Chili Peppers. Best wishes for Aunt Karin and another year. Bake a cake.


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