This place is COOL!

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Cool, as in, it isn’t hot. I’m still weighing in on Grover Beach’s other “cool factor.” As my weather app flashes my city-favorites, I can’t think of a better place to spend August! We’re talking lows of 57 and highs at about 77 – everyday. And, we have landed a full month in Grover Beach. There isn’t an actual beach known as “Grover,” but it’s about a nine block walk to Pismo beach, maybe a mile away.  Based on preliminary observations, Grover Beach is perceived as a bit of an ugly stepchild to the more affluent Pismo and Arroyo Grande neighborhoods. Carlos doesn’t notice or care, he’s just grateful for the invigorating mild climate.

oooohhh baby, this feels good!

oooohhh baby, this feels good!

sweat-shirt weather

Chattin’ it up with a seagull in sweat-shirt weather

While we’re here, we will occupy a two bed/one bath apartment, and get it ready for a new tenant. We will also help with photos, staging, marketing and screening prospective tenants. This opportunity falls on the heels of Woody’s sister convalescing from foot surgery – dramatically limiting her capacity to get around and get these things done. So, we’ll help her, as well as exercise her two, big, vibrant, beautiful bird dogs, Abbey & Bailey. So far, it seems like the hardest part is trying to keep her off her dang foot!

Bailey's Nose

Bailey’s Nose

Abbey Muggin' for the Camera

Abbey Muggin’ for the Camera

Oh, and catching Bailey so we can get a leash on her!

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3 thoughts on “This place is COOL!

  1. Jodi Bratton

    Hey cuz. Gary and I are shipping our boat to Seattle this fall. Then sailing to Alaska. Want to joins us at any time, let us know.

  2. Mormor

    Wow! Carlos gets his own bedroom! And a whole ocean to play in every day. He must be one happy pup.
    Love you all.


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