The Tropics to The Desert 

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This week in our travels, we went from humid-warm to arid-warm. We left Costa Rica’s jungle and landed in Arizona’s desert. I know so many people have a preference for that “dry heat,” but man, it dries everything: chapped lips, dry skin, even my nose membranes -ouch!  Let me drink more water before I continue…

Land of Retirement

We are visiting Sue, Woody’s mom. She lives in a retirement community. Let me just say, retirement at Towerpoint isn’t just golf and bingo:

Live music 5 days a week, line dancing, impromptu water volleyball, many clubs – we were invited to give a PowerPoint on our Costa Rica travels to an audience of about 30 people. Oh, and that was a potluck too… Midwest culture rings loud and true in these desert sands.

If you’re bored around here, it’s your own darn fault

Sitting still is not in Sue’s vocabulary- we have been to a desert arboretum, ate traditional Mexican, as well as Chinese dim sum, seen a movie, swam in the pools, watched remote control car races, toured open houses, and had a few happy hours with large groups of these retired party animals!

Somehow we managed to squeeze in a hike with our friend Emily. She was also visiting family nearby. Papago Park has massive buttes which dramatically rise and fall into the landscape.Papago Rock trail

hole in the rock

aptly named: hole in rock


Apparently, my little point-and-shoot is deciding it’s time to retire too. Beyond the dust that is trapped in the baffled lens, I now have to put a fingernail in the lens accordion to get it to extend, and man-handle it to close properly… Bye-bye spontaneous shots.

Quick! – there’s a javelina… well, a javelina butt

I’m just so grateful it wasn’t so fussy on our Costa Rica travels.


The most interesting photos this week were at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, the oldest botanical institution west of the Mississippi. Here we saw many plant species which have adapted to the precarious conditions of an arid – and often shadeless – desert. Get this: in terms of plant variety, the earth’s arid regions may be second only to those of the tropics. We toured the gardens with a volunteer guide whose enthusiasm for geology and botany made the walk a 5-star affair.

More to Explore

You should see the list Sue compiled of nearby activities. The coming week is sure to be filled with more adventure.

Stay Tuned!

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