The Little Buggers Emerge

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Our gold fringed “lima beans” turned deep dark brown, almost black, and we knew that was either bad news, or a good sign:

We’ve learned it’s good news. monarch end of chrysalis stageAs you can see in the image to the right, the shell gets tissue-paper thin, just before it splits and the butterfly pours out.

I am happy to report, I have upped my YouTube presence with another video. Capturing this bugger was quite a juggle. I had one camera recording until the battery died, and quickly staked another camera, switched out the battery, charge, stake a fresh camera, repeat for at least 4 hours. Whew! But, mission accomplished.

Not only was capturing the evolution successful, I am able to take credit for editing this video. I am overflowing with a sense of accomplishment on that one. I hope to post more videos this year. Maybe.

Dancing on Air

The fellow that gave us the caterpillars, a bonsai artist/gardener, referred to these new butterflies as being tame. I was amused with his choice of words: a tame butterfly. And, they are quite tame.

monarch on finger

Tame Butterfly

Either that, or utterly bewildered.  Overall, this was an enjoyable and rewarding science project. Here are a couple more pics:

virgin wings

They remained tame for just about a day. After that, they dance on the air and flit away, soaring to new horizons.


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8 thoughts on “The Little Buggers Emerge

  1. Zenas

    Hali, thank you for the great visual of the transformation of life from the crawling to the light bouncy butterfly. We did this when the kids were young. We would find caterpillars on milkweed plants, place them in jars where they would spin a cocoon and emerge as another life form.

  2. Kris Haas

    Hali, this is such a professional looking video. The music you chose is just perfect (especially for the poop scene)!!


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