The Colors of Belize

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We’ve shared the interior, we’ve shared the fantastic Mayan ruins, and this week it’s all about the islands. I think it’s safe to say, most visitors don’t spend time anywhere but the islands, so it’s possible we had some catching up to do. We took a chicken bus to Belize City – about a two hour ride, then we got on a water taxi. Our timing from bus to taxi should have been perfect, but the water taxi was operating on Caribbean time. We had to wait about an hour before they pushed off.

La Isla Bonita – Amergris Caye

Madonna may have fell in love with San Pedro and the warm winds carried on the sea, but me? I thought I had to work too hard to dodge the golf carts. Don’t get me wrong, I can take island life in all its forms, but I prefer my Secret Beach, to be, well, at least a little bit of a secret.

hotel at Ambergris Caye
Ocean Tide Resort

We spent 4 nights at Ocean Tide Resort in San Pedro, on their third floor, overlooking the ocean.

This was the vacation part of our travels. We didn’t push ourselves to see things, didn’t sign up for excursions, and simply absorbed the sea, sun and island life.

While on the island, most people rent golf carts to scoot around town. We opted for a few single-speed bicycles and rode 6-7 miles to get to Secret Beach. (it was the 6-7 miles back, when I could feel it – I hadn’t been on a bike in awhile!)

Caulker Caye or “Key Caulk”

This teeny, tiny island was made smaller by a hurricane in the 60’s, and split it in two. In reality, I think the hurricane plowed down enough trees, and sparked the idea, it sure would make a nice short cut from one side to the other. Villagers saw this, and hand dredged a passage, now known as The Split.

little boy peeking through sign

Key Caulk had a slower pace than our other stops, if that’s possible. As a matter of fact, it’s their official motto, “Go Slow.” And, that’s just what we did.

We took it slow as much as possible but we added “thrill”, like a jump off a high dive and a snorkel excursion to the beautiful barrier reef of Belize. Of course, I don’t have an underwater camera, but took photos of a few surface creatures. In addition we saw a manatee, eagle rays, manta rays, beautiful corals, many nurse sharks, and a sea turtle!

After our 10 day tour, I want to go back. Belize is definitely worth another visit: the zero language barrier (English is the official language), the easy to convert 2 Belize dollars to our one (they even welcome paying in US Dollars), their towering Mayan ruins, the dense jungle, massive barrier reef, and low lying islands, offer something for just about everyone and can keep you busy for a very long visit!

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  1. Mormor

    …not to mention the great weather there (I say as watch it snow here). Love to see the 4Ocean bracelets. You all look so good!


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