The Colorful World of Porto

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I have a bright post this week.

Sept 30th – Oct 6th, 2017. Those were exciting days for me. I was going to get my computer back! (See link for details.) I had renewed freedom to take photos with my camera again. You see, without a computer, I had limited storing capabilities and had to rely on my 2012 iPhone for everything. While visiting Porto, I had liberty to capture as many tile variations as I could. These sweet,

simple blue rose panel

simple, blue rose panel

colorful tiles, or azulejos in Portuguese (and Spanish), are a dominant feature in Porto.

tile panel of a woman

romantic tile panel

Plastered on buildings, decorating public spaces, adorning park benches, are interesting varieties of ceramic tiles.

Street Sign, we had 7 nights on Rua dos Abraços

Some even tell stories.

blue & white tile panels

Almas Chapel, scenes from the life of St. Francis de Assisi and St. Catherine

Absolutely everywhere you turn, tiles. Oh, and pedestrians. There were a few times I’d stop short – to the annoyance of anyone on my heels – get lost, or fight with my camera (glare & shadows were an issue), in order to take a photo of these tiles. I had envisioned making a photo quilt of these tiles, and now I have the time!photo compilation of tiles


Below is my tile compilation. I apologize if it takes a moment to get going. Seems to have a lag in load-time going on.

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4 thoughts on “The Colorful World of Porto

  1. John Stipan

    Brilliant! Ah, the artist in you and the artist in me kiss the sweet kiss that artists share around the world. Thank goodness for your computer & camera! All your pictures of tiles are exquisite. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. Did you bring any tiles back with you?


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