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There are several things about traveling solo that never happen when I’m with my travel partner. First and foremost, Mr. Siri owns the navigator seat. Traditionally Woody is the designated navigator because he has an uncanny ability to feel his way around new territory. I don’t. Woody doesn’t like Siri – even when he was a girl.

Today I was heading to my daughter’s new digs for the 4th time from our hotel – I now know the route, but still asked Siri to back me up. Lo and behold a whole new appreciation for this navigator! Traffic thick with a fresh rain (or something) Siri wily navigated us away and toward our appointment timely, accurately and efficiently. Surprised by the diversion and simultaneously thrilled by the brilliance of technology, I blindly followed….I’m used to it, I do the same thing when Woodster is our navigator.

Another difference is the opportunity to not keep pace. Don’t get me wrong, I revere Woody’s travel philosophy: capitalize on every second of the journey. No step goes unplanned. Even down-time is planned.

So now I come clean: I enjoy not looking like “I’ve been here before,” I’m OK looking like a tourist, and I’m willing to test the rental car down an unsanctioned dirt road.

dirt road





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  1. Mr. Siri

    Getting lost is mental. Being lost is physical. Florida is essentially a penninsula, you can’t go too far before you’re in water- with gators!


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