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exercise in blue

exercise in blue

We, and the greater Tahoe region, dodged a blazing wildfire that consumed over 16 thousand acres of water-starved forestland. In its wake, we were left with hazy skies and glowing, rich sunsets. Personally, I enjoy sunsets, but not at such cost; and typically, if you’ve seen one. . .

So, we will be here just about 10 days in a 3/2 cabin on the west side of Lake Tahoe, just a little walk to the lake. A walk that our black, 14 year old dog would be able to tackle when whether is something less than the pounding 85°. It’s hitting him hard this time, and we have a notion to stay close – allow some recuperating of “road life”, re-energize him, and stay cool; we have more of that road coming!

only 3 years ago - this ole boy would NOT be still next to water

only 3 years ago – this ole boy would NOT be still next to water

So, while we’ve been here, we’ve stayed pretty close to the cabin. In our small radius I am reminded of my decades in a hectic real estate career, which, no longer haunt my sleeping hours, but while I’m awake, I can hear the wheels of the industry at work – and I like it! The roar of rotary saws, the banging of hammers, the bulldozer moving landscape rock, the homes with “SOLD” signs! I like to know that people believe in their investments and that there are Buyers that want “in”. Heck, checking out some of these Tahoe homes, make me want back in!

OK, but only for a little while… !

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