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I was able to join a vibrant group of strong women – and daring men – to the Happy Place Reunion in the Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe. A secret campground, accessible only by boat. Almost invisible, tucked within layers of tall pine trees and glacial boulders. Only the most clever and savvy trekker would ever find our far reaching shores. The reunion blossoms on the full moon of August. Since 2005.

This is a place where you can take a chance, and try out some silliness. An opportunity to marvel at the astounding beauty which is Lake Tahoe. A time to put down the phones and connect with people. Learning histories, sharing stories, and taking turns being dinner hosts. Happy things.

Fannette Island

Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight’s Tea House

Emerald Bay cradles the only island, in all of Lake Tahoe, Fannette Island. The skeletal remains of a petite tea house sits on top. Of all the times I’ve come close to this island, it was my first time setting foot on it. While climbing to the top, the colorful characters of Emerald Bay’s history take shape in my head. Was Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight chasing a childhood dream, building this dollhouse-like tea room? Could I be the one to find Cap’t Dick Barstow’s jar of toes? He cut them off himself, two were wasted away with frost bite when his boat capsized in a freezing and tumultuous lake…

The Lake that takes Toes!

That’s the lake we kayaked. On a map it’s 5 miles from plop in to take-out. But the way I do it, it’s more like 6 miles. Dang squirrelly kayak! Landing is exhilarating. Bolstering the adrenaline to set up camp. With three campsites, our tents and bed rolls found the flattest ground, the food and toiletries found the bear box, and soon we were gathered and toasting to a brilliant start.

Lake Tahoe Was Kind To Us

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