Surprising Things You Can Bring in Your Carry-On

This week wasn’t quite as exciting as we had hoped. We traveled to Long Island to take care of some business, and well, the trip turned out to be all business. So I had to get creative here. While sitting in the airport, trying to come up with something, I saw this:

…and, where are you heading?

I thought, ah ha! This could be a theme. There are a few weird things I’ve carried on. And then, there have been plenty of things I’ve had confiscated: tube of toothpaste, pocket knife, Nutella, for example. So, this week I bring to you a few of the nutty things you can bring with you as a carry-on piece of luggage on a plane…

1. Ice Cubes

ice cold water awaits!

I wish I could bring a simple bottle of water with me to the airport. At $3/ bottle, it seems like such a rip off. I had heard that frozen food can get through, so what about frozen water? I thought I’d give it a whirl. Sure enough, my water bottle filled with ice cubes slid through without a second look.

Water “filling stations” are generally easy to find in airports, but not at MacArthur Airport.

Up & down the corridors, and nothing could fill my bottle. Even after my ice cube discovery, I am forced to BUY a beverage.

As I pay for my liquid gold, I notice the attendant has her bottle filled with water. I ask, “where in this place did you fill your water bottle??

With a long glance to both sides, and the classic Long Island accent, she tells me “…in the poop-ah”

…Thank you very much, I’ll pay for the water!

2. Liquor

You read that right. Liquor can get through the TSA security line. Thing is, you have to fit them all in a clear plastic bag, and they need to be less than 100ml each. Now, I haven’t personally filled a baggie with minis (other than for this photo), but this little blog exercise made me do some brainstorming.

Getting ready for a long flight

3. Antlers

Another inspiration for this post was the very fact that I found a shed deer antler while poking around Long Island. I’ve always wanted to find a shed antler, always looked while hiking in Oregon. I never found one. I never dreamed I’d find one in the woods of Long Island – about an hour outside Manhattan! (Now, if I could only remember why I wanted one!?)

4. Ice Skates

Several years ago on a flight between Portland and Redmond, I brought some old ice skates with me. (There was a time when you could ice skate on the pond at Shevlin Park.) The TSA rules were probably less restrictive, but, didn’t Tom Hanks use ice skates as an axe in Castaway?

Tom Hanks in Castaway

I looked it up: you can still carry-on ice skates.

You Tell Me. . .

What unusual or surprising thing have you brought in your carry-on?

3 thoughts on “Surprising Things You Can Bring in Your Carry-On

  1. Sheryl Chapman

    I travel with hula hoops! I have ones that pull apart in four sections and also ones that coil up a bit smaller. Even LED ones I bring right on the plane and hand to the flight attendant who stows them in the front little closet or can fit in the overhead. The funny thing is they always get the full inspection at TSA because they don’t fit through the scanner.


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