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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas!

We did a Christmas Eve stroll around the neighborhood. We had to see if “that house” had continued to add to their blow-up collection.

Excuse me, I’ve been told they’re called inflatables.

Santa won't miss this house!

Santa won’t miss this house!

The answer was, yes, there was a new R2D2.

We did our best to figure out the significance of a Christmas Rubber Duck, a red-scarfed Christmas Pig, and the snowman strapped to the palm tree. Then, around the bend Carli points to this snowman,

This Snowman

This Snowman

HOLD ON, I meant for this to be like the Sunday Funnies.


Then, around the bend Carli points to this snowman, and says, “Hey, look at this guy. He’s rockin’ out with his snowman headphones.”

THIS Snowman

THIS Snowman

There is a long pause until it hits us what she’s talking about. And, then, the slow realization: she’s been in Florida a long time.


So, with Carli as my inspiration, I thought I’d take this blog opportunity to share other images along this journey that made me smile. Hope they make you smile too!

From our travels through Texas, is this next image. Here we have the obligatory American made car, a Ford, but a rare Texas bumper sticker:

#Hillary #Hillary Bumper Sticker, #Texas

Go Girl!

There are many times I find myself snorting out loud at stickers on cars. Most of the time they fly by so fast, I haven’t a chance to capture it. On the slight chance I have the camera ready, our van is such a bouncing, wind tunnel, the quality always suffers. But I have one I caught while driving. You know, we’ve all seen those stick figure families and the countless variations, but, this was the first time I’d seen 

Sweet Family Portrait

Sweet Family Portrait

a single man, with his two dogs! Or, maybe they were cats? Like I said, it’s hard to take a picture from our moving van. Either way, a definite snort out loud moment.

Carlos is always a source of a good smile, and a beloved subject matter. Here are a couple of my favorites:

#dog #tongueout

He has that last one down (DREAM)

Isn’t it true?, just like children, they’re always cuter when they sleep,

#tongueout, #dogsleeping

Awe, isn’t that cute?

And, around Woody, there can be a lot of sleeping

Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night

It isn’t always our dog that brings a big smile, check out this fellow:

Unbelievably Cute, yeah?

Unbelievably Cute, yeah?

It looks fake. Or like a painting? Well, it is the Funnies, after all.


Roma, Epcot

Rome, Epcot (Mama Mia!)

And, just a couple more:

Space Cadets

Space Cadets

And, this last one makes me smile, and is my show-off opportunity: meeting Mr. Buzz Aldrin. Yup, the honest to goodness, 2nd man on the moon, live, in person for a book signing at the Nasa Kennedy Center.


SpaceRanger: Destination MARS

Now for our next mission, we HAVE to to see a real space launch!

Wishing you a very happy New Year. . . thank you for following along.

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