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Not a lot of excitement this week, but I’m gonna share anyway. For my kick off to the new year, I got a fresh hair cut, new spectacles and went to my first Zumba class.

New Doo, New Specs

Zowie, that Zumba class kicked my butt! No introductions, no “welcome new students”, zero formalities, just crank that Latin music, and hang on. Loved it. I caught Carli doubled with laughter only a few times – those provocative moves an’ all….

Other than that, I’ve been working on learning tarot. I understand tarot cards are simply ink on paper. My motive is not to gain some psychic powers and predict the future, though I think that would be pretty cool.

The Enchanted Tarot, received from a Chicago friend, Maribel

My motive is to strengthen my intuition, and be more subjective – qualities which have sadly weakened over the course of my years of closing escrow which required accountant-like skills. In this same vane I’ve been attempting to recall & record my dreams. I am such a sound sleeper, this has proved difficult. The handful I remember includes the one where a frog leg was protruding from my ear making it difficult to squeeze my head through a tight opening. The fact there was a frog leg as part of my ear was not the alarming part of the dream (for some reason,) it was troubleshooting the tight opening. Another was an unknown acquaintance bit someone in our group. All but the person who was bitten thought this was perfectly normal. When I’m coherent in the morning, I look at these and think: this is supposed to mean something?

I’ve also been working on painting one of our old steamer trunks. Not sure what inspires me, probably an effort to endear Carli to these old pieces I’ve left in her care. It’ll be the 2nd time I’ve painted this one:

I painted this about 25 years ago








So, we’ll see. . . it’s still a work in progress.

From Dance & Painting to Feeding my Left Brain

How Do I Close this Gap???

And, finally, I’ve spent many hours working with WordPress and our website. I get tremendous satisfaction with my successes. Probably laughable to most who manage websites, but when I can change one Menu item to green, or make the sidebar narrower, or move the content up by a few dozen pixels, I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED. I still have content to build and categories to add, that’s the easy part, time consuming, but the easy part.

Thank you so much for listening, I look forward to hearing any new strides or challenges you decided to tackle with this new year!

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