Side Trip to Tahoe

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Last week’s highlight was a whirlwind trip to Lake Tahoe, California. Emily has an annual gathering of friends, and they rendezvous on the shores of Lake Tahoe to camp. Securing camp sites for the middle of summer requires reservations being made on the day they open online bookings. On that first day, many campgrounds are fully booked within minutes! This explains why we hit so many “Campground Full” signs while traveling through California. This time I was on the right side of the sign!

Go Jump in the Lake

I always envisioned Emily’s annual excursion as a bohemian blast, so the moment it was offered, I jumped at the opportunity. There are several things that make this camping different than our van camping. For example, we kayaked to our campsite.kayaks on lake

To understand how one loads a kayak for camping, Emily gave me the visual of the Clampetts. You know, who “loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…“?

Related image

The Beverly Hillbillies

And this is how we did it:


Bungee cord madness

loaded kayaks

Loaded Up!

Another spectacularly wonderful difference: daily happy hours! You heard me right, complete with appetizers (called ‘appy’s in this crowd) and foo foo drinks.

gentleman serving appetizers

Crackers topped with Roasted Pepper Hummus & Smoked Salmon

Summer Drink

A Perfect Batch of Summer Drink

My photo-editing program has upgraded, so I’ve had to learn new editing tools. I recently found this filter which gives my images a 1970’s feel. I thought this camp trip was a perfect subject matter to give that 70’s drink carried by happy campertwo women drinkingserving drinks

man eating appetizer

Bruschetta with Salmon & Capers and Speared Olives

Each morning started with a strong cup of coffee and an easy going paddle. Mornings offered the glassiest water, and fewer people. There was a smokey haze from nearby forest fires which may have dimmed the distant views, but the beauty was still unstoppable.

sunrise on lake tahoe

Emerald Bay, early morning

kayaks on a lake

Nature in Natures Place

Bears are a constant nuisance around Lake Tahoe – both residential homes, as well as campgrounds. They like people food. This trip, I got to see a bear where they belong – in the forest. I was safe on my kayak. It’s amazing that I had time to catch my breath, unlock my camera’s drybox (Thank you Captain Bob!!!), and still have an opportunity to capture his hasty exit. My heart was racing, even after he was out of sight.

bear in woods

He definitely is saying, “I’m outta here!”

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

Putting on glow sticks, doing cartwheels, jumping off the dock while holding hands. . . just a few of the ways we were able to act like kids again. Makes me happy to be reminded of this goal of by campfirewomen preparing for handstand

rushing river

Foot Spa!

And, following the storyline of acting like a kid again. . .

Good Night Moon:

full moon on lake tahoe

a moonlit kayak trip



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