Sailing from Safe Harbors

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It’s official: we have launched! Over two years in the making, and we’re on the road. Look out Beacon Rock – here we come!!!! (Yes, baby steps.)

Simultaneously, I am launching this newsletter and hope to share our journey with you. This effort will be similar to learning a new job for me – so, I hope you bear with me! (Note to self: good thing you looked up “bear with me” – almost posted “bare with me”, which apparently has a completely different meaning!!)

I wanted to start by showing you a visual of how downsized we got, then had to laugh; it basically looks like our 35 year partnership, results in two brick shaped boxes.

So, I remind myself, the whole purpose of our efforts has not been about what it looks like, but it’s about adventure, creating memories, and exploring! Especially while we have the enthusiasm, and energy to do it.

We took this opportunity to make the storage box a time capsule too, by leaving a note to our future selves, and putting a face on the vacuum cleaner.

Time Capsule

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Just a travel junkie trying to find my voice in the blogosphere. I enjoy sharing my photography and fast facts I learn in the places I travel through.

3 thoughts on “Sailing from Safe Harbors

  1. Jodi Bratton

    Maybe our ports will meet. We are sailing to Duluth Minnesota this summer. Doing the great loop.

  2. Mormor

    You guys are truly amazing! All three (4 counting Carlos) really know how to follow your dreams.
    Have fun you happy hippy hobos!

  3. Gayla Trujillo

    Hali remember when my Dad had a van like yours? You know he & your Dad will be having lots of laughs watching yours & Woodys adventures!!
    Safe travels & Bon Voyagee!!!
    Love & light!!


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