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A Couple Scattered Thoughts

Before I begin, I just must share: KIMCHEESE.

We’ve been making batch after batch of kimchi around here, and my most favorite concoction from all of it: kimcheese.

Those crunchy, deeply flavored, fermented veggies are so delicious with melted cheese. In a tortilla, a little east meets west. Or, with an egg on a sandwich. DE-ee-LISH, I can’t get enough. Just love it.

A second notion to share:

I’m the sort of person who gets in the car of a stranger.

OMG! You are so F!^’#’in crazy. Yes, I hear you. Loud and clear. And, you are right.


But, before you all go insane on me, hear me out: it’s not like I receive a whole lot of offers for a ride from strangers. I have been on the giving side, offering a lift to a stranger. And, I have turned down offers for a lift. I am just one of those who still believes, most people are kind. This week’s “ride with a stranger”, was an airline mechanic, working for the state department. After an awkward introduction – he appeared to struggle to control his breathing, then some exaggerated twitches, had me worried for his wellbeing.

Turns out, he was “just fine.” Then abruptly asked, “Are you a nurse, or something?”

I tell him I’m not, and he shares, he is “a bit of a germaphobe.” In hindsight, I think it was the aggressive cougher behind us, which may have aggravated Tom’s discomfort. Once he got talkin’, his discomfort dissipated.

I did a lot of listening on that 6 hour flight from Orlando to Sacramento. I saw a lot of family pictures on that 6 hour flight from Orlando to Sacramento.

And, video…

Yes. So when it was my turn to chat, I told him I’m on my way to Cameron Park for a birthday party. And next thing you know, Tom’s talking again. Ultimately he gets to the part about his town car heading in that very direction, and he could drop me off at a Starbucks in Folsom. So, I think, what’s another 40 minutes listening to Tom?

What’s in Cameron Park, You Ask?

Why, that would be EmilyFest. You see, Emily gets to turn a chapter in her life. This is the beginning of her 6th decade. Friends near and far gathered to celebrate.

A little behind-the-scenes organizing allowed ME, to be a surprise! Our plan was to hide me in the back of the car, and pop out when we picked up Emily. Luckily Vicky and I had time to experiment a few different “pop out” options. It’s not as easy as you think. Since we got an assist for the airport run, we had only had a short trip to intercept Emily, (and Sarah & Carol.) Any way, I think everyone was surprised. Here’s how it went down:

What a Surprise~!

Then it was celebration after celebration. It was officially EmilyFest.

She sure has a whoppin’ chick posse: strong willed, hard working, dynamic, bold… and boy, they know how to love. Oooh, they are inspiring! Nothing like a party where the party-favors are memories.

And those were the Pre Func Photos-

The classy celebration was at Janet’s house, in the rolling hills of Orangevale, California. This was the first weekend this year, where BBQ covers can come off, chair cushions can be put in place, and outdoor umbrellas anchored in the patio. It cooled down in the evening, but the outdoor fire pit was stocked and stoked to generate plenty of heat for story telling.

It’s fun reliving the weekend – thank you for indulging me, and thank you for following!

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