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From Asheville, North Carolina, along the Blue Ridge Parkway – a road with vistas, camping, history and designated as a National Park – through a small bit of Virginia and West Virginia, where we exited to get plugged in, and charge all our gear. Spent a couple nights in Charleston West Virginia, and after “night one”, I made a new vow: budget motels are no longer an option. Don’t worry, I won’t share any motel pictures – not that I took any!

Along the way we discovered wonderful art and music cultures. However, traveling with our dog limits the music to the outdoor, generally “free” variety, but you’d be surprised what music you can consume in this venue. Similarly, art can be tricky with a pup, but we take turns and I can get my fix. Generally speaking souvenirs are not our thing, but I purchased a feel good piece of pottery from one of our Airbnb hosts, Beatrice Nathan, who is a potter in Asheville.

Feels so gooood
Feels so gooood

Now we are charging up through Ohio, and on to Michigan. . .

Well, onward with the photos:

And, as I said, we charge northward to Ohio, where our first stop is The Wild, Wacky, Wonderful World of the Weiner Museum. O’Betty’s may be a hole in the wall, but in the Athens college town, it was a worthy stop. . . at least Carlos thought so.

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    1. Hali Post author

      Sadly, it’s not the motel, it’s the guests. . . so, no, not bed bugs. It’s been a few things, but mostly rooms designated “no smoking”, with an ashtray immediately outside the door, or get this, even inside the room!?

      Woody brought the room ashtray to the front desk, and let them know it sends a mixed message to guests. The clerk said, “they’re gonna smoke anyway, so it’s better they don’t burn the room with their ash.”

      Leaves us to wonder why we sign the $200.00 penalty for smoking in the room. . .


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