Packing the Passport!

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Here at Passports & Postcards we are (finally) dusting off the passports, and gearing up to use ’em. We are heading to Mexico. We jumped on a sweet airline deal, leave Friday, and have a few weeks to do some exploring. Our loose plans are focused on the Yucatán Peninsula – an area we feel a certain intimacy with.

Photo Caption on back: Main strip of Playa del Carmen

Cherished Memories

You see, it was in the Yucatán we were motivated to learn SCUBA. And, sleeping in a tent, under the stars on the beach of Playa del Carmen, inspired us to name our daughter Carmen.

Rent-A-Tent, deluxe accommodations

In Cozumel, Woody lost his wedding band somewhere on the 2.5 mile strip of beach to Punta Sur. We know this is exactly where it was lost, thanks to the photos we developed when we got home.

a progression of events – now you see it, then you don’t!

It’s a bit of a ritual (to pretend) to look for it again. At a minimum, it’s here on this powerful, pounding coast, where we renew our commitment to each other, wedding band, or not. And, it was in the Yucatán where we taught Carli & Sarah how to shop for the best room & rate in the area. An area now known as the Mayan Riviera. I am looking forward to making new Yucatán memories this visit.

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2 thoughts on “Packing the Passport!

  1. Sheryl Chapman

    Have a great time you two! We were just in Baja over the New Year and saw tons of whales! Down near Todos Santos. Can’t wait to see the pictures and good luck finding that ring!


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