On Distant Shores, Cape Canaveral

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We attempt to make most days a little bit of an adventure. We explore Cape Canaveral and neighboring Cocoa Beach, trying to find new things to see, practical things to do, and plenty of unpractical things to do.

Watching the moon

We are at the beach most days, and it’s nice to be there only for an hour or so because you won’t need to bring much. Just a towel and a hat. Oh, and sunscreen.

You do realize, a Powerful, 16-foot-long Torpedo that’s Armed to the Teeth… with Teeth, resides out there, right?

Nah, I don’t give it much thought, if anything, it’s more about dodging the jellyfish. It’s true that Florida’s Atlantic ranks the highest place to be bitten by a shark. Technically, you are more likely to die of a coconut falling on your head.

Speaking of coconuts, check out this coocoo-nut paradisiacal exercise:

Yes, we live on a peninsula in a distant land on the warm shores of The Atlantic

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3 thoughts on “On Distant Shores, Cape Canaveral

  1. Audrey P Adams

    Oh your video almost made me cry – until I laughed at the co co coconuts! Nice job. Next time more shots of you rollerblading OK?


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