On Beach Bummin’

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Who Would’ve Thought?

Not in my wildest dreams, had I envisioned over a week of camping along the Oregon Coast. Even through the Labor Day Weekend, without even one reservation. Heck, that’s the stuff that movies are made of – and we didn’t have to rob a bank!

tree on coast

Oswald West

Every morning a chance to wake with ocean sounds: a distant foghorn, seagull banter, a buoy bell, waves crashing, a motorboat trolling. . . We also heard a nearby raccoon raid, and one nasty (ex?) lover’s quarrel.

I noticed an unspoken routine somehow took hold: make two cups of coffee, then breakfast. Dishes. Take a beach walk – or search for deserted firewood. Then we hop on 101 and find a new food truck or hole-in-the-wall for lunch. Actually, we’ve had ice cream for lunch, twice.

couple eating ice cream

Marionberry Pie Ice Cream

Might as well take advantage of being in dairy country. Speaking of which, one of my favorite, horribly guilty pleasure, is cheese curds with a beer. Now, don’t knock it, ’til you try it!

girl with cheese curds & a beer

Happy Hour Heaven!

About 40% of our dinner meals have been some variety of chicken salad. (Clearly Woody found some deal on bulk chicken breast.) However, the best dinners are the seafood. Most favorably, the steamed clams with sourdough garlic bread. Can you just taste it?!?clams & corn

Then again, the hatch chili & grilled onion burgers, with Tillamook cheddar cheese were pretty good too. (Sorry, no pic, consumed too quickly.)

It’s Not All About Food

We pull out of our campsite every day. The best times are to explore the little coast towns. Other times, it’s just to free up the spot for the next person. On the surface, that sounds straightforward. But, to “pull out of the campsite” we need to do a serious van dance. So, we fold down the cooktop, and secure it for takeoff. The loose stuff we threw out of the way on the top bunk, pulled down & stowed. Food stored. Sand shaken out of sheets, bed folded. Top down, shoes back in the van… In other words, you simply don’t justpull out of the campsite.”

van stuff everywhere

No quick getaway today!

Anyway, I want to give a shoutout to Barview Jetty campground. It is one of a handful of campgrounds that save a few sites for “first come, first served.” I’m quite grateful for the time advantage we have that makes us the “first come.”

Here is a photo essay of our coastal exploration:

sea anemone

3″ Sea Anemone

tillamook bay from Barview

oregon coast scene

Another Study in Blue

girl holding oyster

OK More on Food: grilled oyster!

oregon coast sunset at barview jetty

Had To Throw In A Sunset!

If you want other inspiration for coastal fun, you might check out my blog, 10 Things To Do At The Beach.

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