My Number One YouTube Video

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(Used) To Be My Only YouTube Video

I have several YouTube videos, but this one is still my most popular. Over 19,000 hits!OK, not even close to viral status, but I’m easily wow’d. Here’s my helpful video – especially helpful if you’re ever renting the cheapest vehicle available in Ireland. You see, it would be a manual transmission, one authorized driver, and, gearshift on your left side (they drive on left side of the road.) I sure wish I found something like this before I was driving in Ireland – simply to improve my confidence before I was faced with the task:

Creating a video is not as easy at it looks

Lucky for me, this time I have Carli nearby. She has some pretty mean, rapid-fire, movie editing skills. I sure wish I could keep up with her. Anyway, a big shoutout to her for her help on my second YouTube video. (You can find her on YouTube at HiCarliii.)

You Should Be In Pictures…

Carli has introduced us to new little critters. We’ve spent hours watching them gorge on milkweed. Eating it like corn on the cob, starting on one side of a leaf, munching to the central vein, stop and start again on the next “row”. Eat and poop, eat and poop. Never knew caterpillars discharged so much poop – like a hamster! Next thing you know we discover a couple of chrysalises and realize it almost happens in a blink of an eye, how did we miss that episode?

My Second YouTube Video

So, ladies and gentlemen, I have for you, the transformation of a caterpillar to chrysalis. You will not miss the transformation episode! The live action time was a total of 7 minutes, 7 seconds. As you’ll see, we won’t make you wait that long:

We have a total of 6, gold-fringed, lima beans hanging in our patio. In another week or two, maybe I’ll hit the jackpot, and have a monarch video to share with you.

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