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Woody & I have been playing a little different game these days. We have been looking for mini trips which still qualify as adventures. I discovered if I slightly modify my definition of “adventure”, like removing the parts dealing with high risk, hazardous action, or possible danger. And focus on the parts dealing with new experiences, exciting undertakings, and agree there will always be an element of uncertain outcome, then I could have an adventure a couple times a week! Essentially, adventure is in the eye of the beholder. With my refined definition, an adventure can be exploring the city by moonlight, having a slumber party in the back yard, or jumping off at a random bus stop just to explore.

We brainstormed a few more adventures. My favorite idea? Going to Craigslist for a rideshare opportunity, and pick one. We checked it out, and there were some interesting destinations. We haven’t taken that leap, yet. Here’s what we did instead:

Urban Hike

Portland is a fantastic city for an urban hike. You can get views, forests and so much in between. This week we did the 4T Trail, and I highly recommend it. You can find many hikes at Metros “Walk There” online resources. Here’s a link to details on the 4T: Walk There. This hike is particularly adventurous because there’s a little more to it than your typical trek. We started on a MAX Train and headed toward the zoo.

people on MAX trail

The term for the position the gentleman on the foreground right: MANSPREADING – a public transit foul.

From the zoo you catch a Trail

people hiking

to the highest point in the City – Council Crest. The views were expansive. Then we tuck back into the forest and the next thing I know, as if actively rising up from the crust of the earth, OHSU, and the bustling village within its walls.

foundation of OHSU

5 stories tall, and not in view until we were upon it

Here we get our third “T,” the Tram! My first time on this bean, and it’s free for the one way down. On clear days you can see all the way to Mt Rainier, and you can watch bustling people & highways as you slip down to the high density, south waterfront.

Portland Aerial Tram

Mt St Helens in the distance

This is where we catch our last “T“- the Trolley!

portland trolley car

Trolleys to cover “the last mile”

We rewarded our efforts with a pint and sandwich at Bridgeport, Oregon’s oldest craft brewery and Toasted our awesome adventure.

Thrift Store Shopping

What? Is it a stretch to qualify this as an adventure? Here’s my take: you never know what you’ll find, rarely see the same thing twice, and occasionally you uncover historical artifacts – yeah, like an archeologist. 

antique radio tube tester

ancient artifact?

Now that qualifies as adventure. I discovered Village Merchant in Southeast. Oh my goodness, that was an adventure. I’ve mentioned ReRun a time or two. But this week’s Thrift Store Adventure went to Next Adventure on SE 4th & Grand. I can spend hours here. Gear galore in a comfortable, lodge-style store. Sometimes I buy something. Most of the time I only wish and walk out empty handed.

Actually, the top floor is for wishing. The bottom floor, the bargain basement, is for buying. sign Bargain BasementI found a nice lightweight rain slicker – to replace my shredding Patagonia raincoat. I also found a sweet pair of navy ExOfficio slacks. Navy being my signature color for Spain. This was a rewarding expedition!

More Adventure Awaits

I like my new, redefined “adventure”. We plan on making mini adventures during our stay and I’ll continue to share. Who knows, maybe it’ll make pulling weeds an exercise of epic adventure. Or, maybe not.

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