New Year, New Beginnings

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Wrapping Up 2018

What a year! If we call Florida our Home Base, we’ve been home only 3 months in 2018. Upon reflection, it would be more accurate to say Chicago was our Home Base this year.

We headed for Costa Rica in February, did a Mom Tour in March, and can reflect – so gratefully – on the nearly three weeks we spent with Woody’s Mom, Sue.

three properly attired women
Not just Dress-up – This was serious (visiting a Greek Monastery)

We had no indication we would lose her to a vicious Pancreatic Cancer in October. Again, so grateful for those days.

We gathered our van while in Oregon and headed East, traveling through Utah’s Moab Region, sweated bullets climbing the Rockies and absorbed the charm of middle America.

Cruised into ChicagoLand by May, and experienced the Summer of Maribel.

By September, our Maribel responsibilities were transferred, and we travelled to Spain, southern France, and Greece, where we got to add another pin to our map. We made full circle back to Florida soon after Thanksgiving.

Christmas Tree styled hair
Christmas in Florida

Time to Manifest The Best Year


I decided to do a full-on tarot reading for myself this birthday. Carli had loaded me up with tarot tools for Christmas: a crystal-infused altar cloth, gems, selenite, a candle… I’m learning to be comfortable with three card spreads, but for my birthday….  I came up with the Birthday Cake Spread.

Birthday Spread

Tarot Cake

I used traditional query stations… such as, what energies are passing out of my life, and what energies can I carry forward, and so on.

Let’s just say “good” cards landed on the “take heed” stations, and visa versa. What is to empower me, is bleak. And, what is to challenge me, is sunny. I topped “my cake” with a card from the Animal Allies deck Carli gave me… I got bear. Surprisingly a card with feminine & mothering qualities.


Don’t Want To Get Too Woo Woo On You


But this card stuff helps me choose what I want to attract in my life. Yeah, they guide me. I know it’s hard to break through the bullshit, however take it in context: attracting what you want in life takes work, and I welcome the suggestions I gleam from the cards.

I’ll share a couple of my takeaways from my reading. My first, the reversed two of Pentacles, was to represent my year in summary. A card which – upright or reversed – generally reflects juggling many things. Boy, at this time of my life, I sure don’t feel this way… I would have to think about this one awhile.

Then there was the reversed Ace of Swords which landed in the station, what should I focus on for the coming year. This card card begs the question, what idea is not coming to fruition the way I had hoped?

Suddenly, the two fused together. The only thing I’m battling (juggling to keep afloat) and the thing that isn’t working the way I like, is this: my website! I enjoy designing, the writing, the sharing and the feedback. I am not enjoying keeping up with the web-world that changes faster than I want to keep up.

I need to get back to the drawing board and decide what I want to commit to. May mean fewer posts or a whole new platform… 

I have some more thinking to do, and more studying the nuances of that spread!




Ready or not… here I come! 



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