Montezuma, Costa Rica

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two snuggle monkeysA Cozy & Colorful Little Beach Town…

I wonder how many travel books, blogs, authors start with such cliché? Let me join their ranks, I say! Besides, Montezuma qualifies… it’s a beachside paradise for anyone looking to escape fast food, fast wifi and fast roads.

Even if the roads aren’t “fast”, they are dangerous. This single vehicle accident happened right in front of us.

ATV rollover

Single driver roll over. Moderate road rash on passenger.

The town has many family-run cafes – called “sodas” – and are often attached to the family home. Similarly, many hotels are of the boutique variety. In essence, we have the boho, yoga-mom bliss, in Montezuma.

Much of Montezuma goes uphill from the ocean. Sometimes the grade is so steep, you slide right out of your flip flops. But its worth the effort!

Butterflies & Beer

Three steep hillsides from downtown gets us to Mariposario Restaurant & Inn.Business sign This is the perfect, 4 room hotel for us. They have a large butterfly garden, where I continue to photo chase the great blue Morpho, and a brewery!

Ryan, restauranteur, inn-keeper, brewer, surfer, dad and Portland native, packed his bags 13 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Recent American tragedy, reinforces Ryan’s decision to move: in Costa Rican schools “they practice fire-drills. NOT school-shooting drills.” 


swimming hole

scouting the hole

Another benefit of climbing the steep hills are the handful of waterfalls and swimming holes.

This water is much cooler than the ocean. Easy to reach falls are generally filled with visitors. Climbing higher, you might get lucky and find your own hole.

swimming hole

our own private swimming hole

Other Incredible Experiences

We saw sea turtle hatchlings released to the sea.

infant sea turtle

sea turtle

The odds are about one in a thousand will make it to adulthood. Luckily, there is a little help from the nearby Romelia Sanctuary.sea turtles


We’ve seen more white-faced monkeys… with all their attitude.

white-faced monkey

Do not feed the monkeys!

monkey climbing from roof

Dare me?

We hear the howler monkeys, and haven’t seen any sloths.

Well, other than this one.woody on hammock

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6 thoughts on “Montezuma, Costa Rica

  1. Mormor

    Poor little turtle babies! Butterflys, brewskis, and beaches, oh my! What more could you ask for? Love the gorgeous shots. If it was a private swimming hole, did the monkey take the picture?

    1. Hali Post author

      10 second timer. A monkey would’ve kept the camera! I posted a small image because in the full detail I have two noses from moving too fast to get in place.


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