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….Polo! as the shrill of the summer, poolside game goes. Last week we had our first dose of a different game: Polo. An ancient sport, which

From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

some speculate was played before the birth of Christ. Its long history has many variations, once an Olympic sport, considered a bourgeois game. . . but, I can tell you, our experience was relaxed & comfortable.

Oak Brook Polo Fields have been a tailgate destination since the Roaring 20’s; through the hairy sixties and speedy eighties.

I spy a VW Bus!

I spy a VW Bus!

The picnic tradition thrives today.  Just so happens, last weekend was a contest for the most elegant tailgate picnic.

Did someone say, contest?

I know I can be considered competitive, but my dear Catherine is sedulous. Second place is not an option. (I can attest to this fact, proven by the mountain of corporate awards found in every drawer, shelf, closet and cupboard of her home.) Anyway, Woody came up with the theme: Farm to Table; the local farmers market provided the goods, and Catherine’s elegant style graced the table:P1020273

The boot couldn't hold it all!

The boot couldn’t hold it all – our laps held overflow.

P1020276 - Version 2


charcuterie board

charcuterie board




Others get in on the action (courtesy of Oak Brook Polo Club Facebook Page

Others get in on the action (courtesy of Oak Brook Polo Club Facebook Page)

I was totally looking forward to the Divot Stomp, but somehow I missed it – distracted in conversation, or attempting to get more photos.

"Our" Team

“Our” Team

They're in to vintage - head to toe

They’re into vintage – head to toe

Almost as pretty as Seurat's Sunday Afternoon

Almost as pretty as Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon


Ultimately, our team won the match.P1020341

Our team wins

Our team wins

Our horse is acknowledged for his performance

Our horse is acknowledged for his performance

And, we are awarded for the best tailgate picnic at the 2016 opening game of the Chicago’s Cup!!

Taking home the win

Taking home the win

We’ve been eating pasta primavera ever since!




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  1. Mormor

    Great job, everyone! The only things missing from the farm are a pig and a couple of chickens!
    Love ya


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