Making the Summer of 2018, Something To Remember

Yes, I see the irony!

I’ve been blogging for weeks about the ravages of Alzheimer’s, and here I am talking about making memories! This week I am changing gears. For this week’s blog I am getting away from the dramas of Alzheimer’s, and focusing on summer.

What do you do, to “Make it a Summer to Remember“?


I didn’t even know I was doing it, but I’m having a Summer to Remember. I sat down and put together a few ingredients that helped make for the greatest summer. It may not be the list for everyone, but here’s what has swept me into a brilliant Summer Spirit:

  1. Act Like a Kid Again. What fun it is to be a goofball. When you stop being so damn serious and let loose, it can be just what summer is about. I’m lucky because I’d have a great goof group to play with.
  2. Help the Garden Grow. I think my garden is on steroids or something. Already harvested my first zucchini, and plucked enough squash blossoms to make a batch of squash blossom fritters. Next up: shishito peppers.
  3. Eat Watermelon. Or play with it. Either way, you can’t lose.
  4. DO NOTHING. Maybe this won’t exactly be memorable, but there isn’t a better way to make the summer last longer. A friend had to actually point this out to me: “do nothing, and the vacation lasts longer.” So, listen to the water sounds, or bird songs. Contemplate the bug on your ankle. Feel the breezes. Meditate. girl with ladybug
  5. Summer Camp Fake Out. I noticed everywhere we went, there were summer camps going on. One thing’s for sure – I appreciate these places much more today, than I did as a kid. In case you missed our Facebook Post, it describes one stop: Unbelievable Story.
  6. Get in the Water. No explanation needed:

There you have it.

What fun compiling these photos! Sharing the summer with friends and family is a key ingredient too. Maybe I should’ve added that to the list? Or maybe, “Review Your Summer Photos,” I bet it’ll put a smile on your face.

Now go make your summer unforgettable, and thanks for following!

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