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Since relocating to Cape Canaveral, I have been anxious to get my rollerblades back on. Last week, after days of scouting and reconnaissance, I slipped them on, skated through our complex, flipped the bird to the sign, “No skateboarding, No motorcycles, No rollerblading,” and made my way.

I was probably even going faster than 10mph

I had to do a lot of pre-work on my confidence: the terrain is primitive, the area new, limited sidewalks and, well, I’m not a kid any more. I had a successful run, even found a peacock feather.

Trying to Settle-in

I am feeling more comfortable. We are in a location that doesn’t require a car (or a van, as the case may be) to get things done. Grocery is less than a mile, a nature/whole food market right next door, hardware about a mile, bait & tackle, across the street. And if you don’t need to get things done, down the road there’s an ocean breeze that’ll put your mind at ease.

Playing Head Games

The fact of the matter is, we are here for reasons beyond our control. This makes me pretty mad. I work to ignore this, and find myself playing a bit of a head game.

It goes like this: Cape Canaveral is a distant peninsula on the warm shores of The Atlantic. Everyone speaks my language so greeting people is not too difficult and asking for assistance is easy. The landscape is a little familiar, like I’ve experienced it before, but this time I get to live it.

For example, The Cape can smell like Kauai, tropical florals and night blooming succulents. There are days when the air is as heavy as the jungles of Costa Rica. Our shores offer miles of wide beaches and shallow waves, similar to the beaches in Rimini on the Adriatic. Rain can fall so big, so hard, and so fast, reminding me of American Samoa. As a matter of fact, the bottoms of my feet are getting leather-smooth and tough like the sole of a Samoan!

On these exotic shores I have harvested my own bananas!


Out our window…

are plants…


Wonder if I’d find a giant up there?

Just the other day we discovered a cool, overgrown trail to the beach, now named by me: Secret Beach.

And, I’ve seen an aggregation of manatees. You generally don’t see manatees grouped together – they’re solo travelers. Also, manatees are not known to thrash in the water. The combination of seeing this can only mean one thing: manatee mating season. You may have to use a little imagination, but here are my photos:

Bottom line: we have plenty to discover and learn and see and do while we are here.

Keeping it in Perspective

Turns out that much of this head game really isn’t a game. It’s just positive thinking. I am appreciative of what I have. When I think a little deeper, I try to imagine if I could have half the fun in this Tourist Town during a non-pandemic world?

Yeah, we lived on a peninsula in a distant land on the warm shores of The Atlantic...

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  1. Lois ST SURE

    I enjoy reading your adventures and sometimes wishing I were there. However, remembering the humidity California still remains my favorite. Maybe it’s my age, however we were going to travel again this year, but we are shut down. We have a rational governor.



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