Kitchen Update, Glen Ellyn

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We enjoyed a solid 10 days with Catherine in Glen Ellyn. The days flew by, but today’s post is about the New Kitchen.

Old Kitchen

Demolition started January 2019. It’s now mid-February 2020. Although the kitchen only needs minor touch-ups, we are still partying in the basement. What the heck, it’s snowing out and the Ratskeller is warm and cozy.

the ratskeller
The Ratskeller

Last year I converted the basement into a cooking and living space. There’s a small sink, a one-burner coil, microwave, fridge, paper plates and 40 years of napkins. If you backtrack to Spring 2016, we had visited many showrooms, practiced on the latest appliances in cooking classes, met with contractors and collected bids. Not that any of that was actually needed, but that’s OKAY – the new kitchen is HERE!

The New Kitchen

I must have stood frozen for 2 solid minutes, not sure where to begin or how to dig in. The gleaming appliances, sparkling pans and not only ONE fully functional faucet, but TWO. They all just stared me in the face. Soon I got the nerve to chop on the pristine chopping block, learned to adjust the oven’s timer volume (it’s a thing!), and otherwise break-in the beautiful, New Kitchen. Now, Grandma’s famous Swedish pancakes have yet to be attempted, but we’re still off to a great start.


Our bums are thankful for the alternative seating, and freshly reupholstered bench. The layout is intuitive, and there are enough “stations” that a few people can work at the same time. Catherine’s candle drawer is organized, and her routine of lighting candles with each meal is resurrected. Nothing like a warm kitchen to gather in, talk weather while taking it all in from the sweeping corner view, and dunking a biscotti in hot coffee.

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4 thoughts on “Kitchen Update, Glen Ellyn

  1. Lois St. Sure

    I loved Mike’s addition to the book Cathy gave me for my birthday. I tried to email you, but it came back as undeliverable. Thank you.
    The party was fantastic. Everyone went all out.



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