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I thought I had a long address to communicate! Imagine living in the town of Kill Devil Hills? I bet you would hear a lot of, “what did you say?”

Man, this last week has had a lot of fun exploration. I got to visit my Uncle Rolf in Oriental, North Carolina. Another fun town to say you’re from!

Uncle Rolf and Katharina at the very busy marina
Uncle Rolf and Katharina at the very busy marina

Oriental’s namesake was from a Union boats’ nameplate, the “S.S. Oriental”. Apparently it had wrecked on the Outer Banks during the Civil War, and someone saved the nameplate. When the town was looking for a fitting name, they settled on the name from this salvaged piece of wreckage.

Three Ferries Later

Thor sailed along a very narrow strip of land, “the banks”, and we landed in Frisco. Stayed at a campground one night, and saw people enjoying all sorts of water/wind sports.


I also saw an unusual sunset. I’ve referred to the sun as melting into the horizon before, but I don’t recall seeing it quite like this.

As for Kill Devil Hills, there seems to be a lot of speculation of how it got its name. The story our hosts shared was all about rum and pirates. Anything rum & pirates works for me. Pirate rum so strong, it would kill the devil.

Stories of “Land Pirates” slinging a lantern on an old nags neck, (the town of Nags Head only a few miles south) and walking the horse up and down the dunes making it appear as a safe harbor to ships off shore. Tall ships thinking this was a harbor, would smash onto the countless hidden sand shoals, making easy work of pirating its booty.

The Gates of Helga

So, we decide to stay here and play a little pirate ourselves at the best tiki Airbnb we’ve seen so far. And, if you’re going to hang out in Kill Devil Hills, you might as well stay at The Gates of Helga.

Here we dined on some of the most affordable produce & seafood we’ve come across. Add what about this crazy notion of a “Brew Thru”?

Kill Devil Hills was on a map as early as 1814, but it wasn’t until the 1950’s the general area was known as Kitty Hawk. Yup, the very place where a couple of bicycle mechanics actually made a flying machine.

Not even a crash helmet - Orville on the joystick
Not even a crash helmet – Orville on the joystick

Wright Bros Fun Facts

Here’re a couple tidbits for you: neither married, or had children. They flipped a coin as to who would fly first, then alternated the glory. The development and experiments of the aircraft, were done away from the public eye to secure privacy. As a matter of fact, on that fateful day when they actually proved it could fly, there were less than a half dozen observers, and the photographer had never even used a camera before!

Woody & 'los giving the photographer more practice
Woody & ‘los giving the photographer more practice

By the end of the week, we left the eastern shores of our national tour, and have started to head inland – avoiding some of the bigger cities, which are difficult to navigate in a loaded down, 1985, manual transmission van. . . And, wait a minute, I think I’m actually beginning to see foothills – it has been a long time since we’ve seen any sort of elevation!

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8 thoughts on “Kill Devil Hills

  1. Cece

    I love seeing an update from y’all and reading the excellent tales.
    We too travelled all over the South before landing in Pensacola – albeit much of it in our semi truck with our dog, too !

  2. Woody

    Drove through Wilmington to get to Uncle Rolf’s in the Inner Banks. I remember you saying you went to grade school there. We’re enjoying NC. Currently in Asheville. Haven’t seen mountains since leaving New Mexico. Thanks for staying tuned.


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