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You thought this was a typo? Nope.

Just about a month ago we joined my Mom on a road trip to California. Our objective was a reunion with family. We’ve had a chance “to reunion” in Truckee a couple times, Woody blogged about it in the Spring 2018.


Up and over the hill, on Lake Tahoe’s north shore, lies Truckee. A historical mountain town, with a past of attracting tough, pioneering types. Today, it seems Truckee attracts enthusiastic, outdoor types. And, those two words pretty much describe our hosts, my cousin Sheryl and her husband, Scot.

Scot & Sheryl -not my photo, but this one does justice to their cool-factor

Soon after reaching their Pinnacle Perch, I was taken down. A dang infected tooth assaulted my every molecule from skull to chin. Of course I wanted to wait and see before jumping into the dentists chair, but I was with family. You need to go to a professional, you should get it taken care of, they say. Funny thing, the “only” person my brother happened to know in this area was…..

a dentist! Needless to say, I was a little out of commission, so I need to give a shout out to everyone who contributed to the photos today.

Once I Got My Game On

It was time to hit the trails. We hiked through Alder Creek, Euer Valley, Donner Lake rim, got a little lost in between,

and along the rails of the decommissioned Transcontinental Railroad. We’ve done our fair share of railroad trails, however this was the most curious and unusual of them all. A walk through history, recalling the railroad tycoons and their Chinese workforce. Then, fast forward to today, and it’s a twisted sort of art gallery filled with graffiti.

Fam Time

Hearing the memories, recounting the holidays, and thanks to my cousin Mark, learning the ancestry, it was all in the mix. Heck, there was even a little dancing going on!

I feel lucky to have this sort of foundation and history. On this side of our family, you might say Carli is the end of the line. And, who knows, it just may continue another generation.

Newly Engaged!

No pressure, Carli!

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3 thoughts on “Keep on Truckee

  1. Mark Perkins

    Had a great time with everyone- beautiful hikes, wonderful meals and wine. Sorry you had such tooth pain tho.


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