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We have hit “the Parks” again! Like always, we enjoyed a completely new experience. This time, we went Grandma style. That means, attractions which involve seat belts, are not advisable. You plan stage shows which won’t involve scrambling from one end of the park, to the other. And, you have time to see things, that you would normally zoom past.

The slower pace, gave me a few photo opportunities, and I thought I would play with the notion of seeing things differently. Today, I’m offering a series of photos that I zoomed in – can you tell what they are?





























Want to see how you did? Let me first tell you, this very last photo, #8, was my inspiration – it’s exactly the picture I accidentally wound up taking. It’s a pink flamingo, taken from the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. Here are the others – their complete pictures:



#1 – Butterfly



#2 – Lollipop



#3 – Macaws



#4 – caterpillar


#5 - Crocodiles

#5 – Crocodiles



#6 – Monarch



#7 – Chewbacca

NOOOooo, just kidding. . . #7 is really this guy:


#7 – Warthog

Well, I found this amusing. . . thanks for playing along!

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6 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Nancy

    That was fun! I thought maybe you threw Trumps hair in there though! 🙂 Otherwise I got most of them – I missed the 2nd butterfly.
    Thanks for sharing – love reading and seeing all the pics!



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