Jes’ Hangin’ Mon: the Caribbean side of Costa Rica

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We spent this week on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Specifically the southeastern coast, very near the border of Panama. This side has a strong Afro-Caribbean culture,

blended with the Tico. Throw in the ex-pats from everywhere else, and we found a vibrant, multicultural, surfer paradise.


This Caribbean side also sports more rainfall. With the rains, come dense forests and diverse plant and animal life.

Getting Our Monkey’s Worth

In the sleepy village of Cahuita, we are staying at one of 20 cottages in a one-level oasis. There is an orderly common kitchen, a covered dining area, weather-tested hammocks, and not an American in sight. Mostly Germans, I think. But I haven’t been introduced to the new neighbors, they sound Polish.

We are also next door to Cahuita National Park. Here we saw troops of different monkeys, and lots of monkey-business.

About an 8 mile hike with the ocean on one side, and the thick jungle on the other. The eight miles took us much longer than necessary simply because there were too many butterflies to follow, and images to capture.

Feeling Philoslothical About It

It’s an amazing thing, how a sloth stops everyone in their tracks. They rapture us with their slow motion determination. The crowd hushes and the cameras buzz. Sadly, we are seeing so many, because sloth habitat is being paved for a parking lot. The sloth by the yellow background, was literally at our doorstep in Puerto Viejo.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like an Ant

No, I didn’t get stung by an ant, but they look fierce! Taking down whole leaves – I’m talking jungle-sized leaves – in a parade of destruction. And, the butterflies are so beautiful. Some prefer the lower, darker parts of the jungle. Others pine for the sun. The most iconic, most elusive – at least for a photo – is the brilliant Blue Morpho butterfly. Some are as big as my two hands held together! But, they don’t sit still at all.

Always Loved the Caribbean

It’s been a completely different Caribbean experience for us.

a yellow snake

the venomous Eyelash Pit Viper

The ocean is not been the same blue I have associated with the Caribbean. Also, we aren’t on a small island, or slip of beach. Here, if you can poke your head through most

yellow pit viper

Image to show triangular shape of the head

any overgrowth, the ocean is lapping at your feet! Another hole will have enough beach to lay your blanket. And if you’re lucky, you might see a tree climbing snake along the way.

May not be the Caribbean I know, but it’s exciting being introduced!



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