It’s a Sign!

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How did we get here anyway?

Seriously, it required some thought. In February our threesome family left Winter Garden and headed to Costa Rica for a month. Then we went our separate ways, and Woody & I did a “Mom Circuit” of ArizonaCalifornia and Oregon. From there we picked up Thor and headed east through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa landing in Chicagoland by May.

We had the Summer of Maribel… and Philadelphia. Then Spain, France, Greece and back to Chicagoland.




This week it’s been about mending. Mending socks, sewing on buttons and piecing together seams. My “puffy jacket” took on a couple ember wounds, and sewing won’t work – I stuck on tape, and I don’t think it’s going to hang on very well. I’m looking forward to the additional clothes waiting for me in Florida, but these here clothes need to hang on longer.

This week’s post is one I’ve knocked around awhile. You see, I have blog ideas that never get done. This post represents one of those ideas… but this time, I’m getting it done.

Today I present a short compilation of signs. Sign posts, international warnings, or other communications we have crossed this year. Some make me chuckle, others make me scratch my head. Hope you get a kick from it:

Thank You For Joining Our Ride!

10 thoughts on “It’s a Sign!

  1. Gayla Trujillo

    Love all the postings & photos! What a great adventure your having!!
    We live in Arizona & would love to see you when your here if you have time!

    1. Hali Post author

      Hi Lois… the January service for Sue doesn’t work out for us . We look forward to a family gathering during baseball season to honor Sue.


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