It’s a Shore Thing

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We’ve been hugging the coast, working our way toward the Outer Banks. I’ve noticed the palmettos are fewer, the Spanish moss thinning, and we’re starting to see chimneys on houses again.

Hugging the Coast, and my dog

Hugging the Coast, and my dog

Our thinking is, if we stay near water, we will have plenty of options to keep our old dog nice and cool. Sometimes, even if the water is just right there, it can be a jungle to get to it. Other times, the map will indicate, “no water access,” and they lie!

"No Water Access" - Cape Fear River

“No Water Access” – Cape Fear River, NC

We spent a couple days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At first glance we were disappointed due to the “No Dogs on Beach” sign, but a local pointed out the fine print: leashed dogs allowed from Oct 15th to May 15th – we were “in”!  It was a raucous, hotel lined, beach with many college-aged revelers.

Imagine Peak Season!

Imagine Peak Season!

We also stumbled upon their annual Mayfest, a community fair with crafts, BBQ, and music, which included the band Starship, with Mickey Thomas. Just not the same without Grace Slick, but heck, the small venue, waves crashing in the background – it was all good.

We Built This City on Rock and Roll

We Built This City on Rock and Roll

Since this was an impromptu hang-out-all-day-thing, we didn’t quite plan where we were going to sleep.

When does Starship begin?

When does Starship begin?

Well, let me rephrase this. We didn’t plan where we would spend the night. After the fair wound down, we hustled to the same LaQuinta we spent the night before – no pet rooms available this evening.

You won’t believe what we did. We spent the night at the Walmart parking lot.

The flowers soften the reality of it...

The flowers soften the reality of it…

There were about a dozen other rigs, most much larger than our little van. We knew this was allowed, but it wasn’t supposed to happen under my watch. And, you know what? It wasn’t that bad. Bathrooms were big and clean – and available all night long. I even strolled the electronics aisle at 1:45 a.m., and I was not the only one shopping! (Really, it was a bathroom run, for me.) I had no idea this world existed.

We saw Surf City on the map, and that totally piqued Woody’s interest. I mean, Surf City?! Here, he had only one camp option in mind, and even though it also looked much like a parking lot, he asked if we could at least check it out. Well, it may be a bit like a parking lot, but it’s right on the beach, and most of the parking spots are empty. Ooh la la: waves crashing, wide open beach, dogs allowed – can’t ask for more.

Shadow Selfie - I always wanted longer legs...

Shadow Selfie – I always wanted longer legs…

In Surf City the beach has the craziest little clam-things. I tried so hard to capture them in action, and I think you can see the sand come to life in this one:

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