Invitation to Join the Ride

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RTW TicketOK Facebook friends. . . brand new territory I’m embarking on. Feels a little uncomfortable, maybe a bit exposed. As though I’ve been hiding something. And, in some ways I have! It’s the essence of being the business professional: keep cards close, avoid hot buttons and don’t disclose too much. It’ll probably take me awhile to learn the new skin. See exactly what it can do.

I am able to report it took me only seconds to get over the professional wardrobe! The exciting thing I’m looking forward to, is this will be territory I create, or make. It won’t be RESPA territory, TIL territory, FrankDodd territory. It’ll be one I build.

I’d like to share it too. If you’re interested in joining this ride, I invite you to subscribe to Passports and Postcards. It’s my first “building” – a website. And, if I can stay on top, it will be a regular newsletter too, letting you know our stories as we go, once you subscribe.

Those of you who already subscribe. . .thank you, and thank you for your patience as we get this show on the road. (Literally.)

4 thoughts on “Invitation to Join the Ride

  1. Gayla Trujillo

    Just reading the past blogs I am so excited to everything you both blog!!
    What a wonderful adventure for you!!
    Be in joy!!


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