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puzzle pieces, puzzleThe highlight this week was meeting Devon, Carli’s boyfriend. They’ve been “official” since New Year’s, but they live 1,000 miles apart. Before they celebrated a weekend with a couple of Carli’s west coast friends, I had a small window to get to know Devon.

So, I concocted a puzzle. Each piece he could keep if he answered the questions printed on the back. No trick questions, just things which would allow me to know him just a little better. He was a trooper, answered them all, and when the pieces were compiled together:

puzzle coupon voucher to fly

That Wasn’t The Only Puzzle of the Weekend

Woody and I took off for a stay in the Tampa Bay Area. Carli & I keep in touch by text. After a couple days, here’s the dialog:

cell phone dialog

My guess was they were going out to eat bacon wontons until they got sick. I was far off. The hint she gave me, was “it’s something we can do when I visit Devon in April.” OK, maybe it isn’t eating wontons…. her hint didn’t help me much.

Here’s a hint for you though: the pig is from Toy Story, and his name is “Hamm.” …can you get it?

All these puzzles are fun, there’s no argument. . . but it’s watching these two, even if it’s just in the photos, which brings me so much delight.

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5 thoughts on “In Brief

  1. Susanna Harrison

    Really sweet to follow young love…thanks! Clever puzzles because let’s face it, live is a puzzle : )


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