I Have A One Way Ticket!

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Can you imagine, a one way ticket with no obligation to return by a specific date? No obligation to return to a specific destination? Well, this has been a long term vision of mine for almost as long as I can remember, and it is materializing this year! We’ll be flying on points we’ve accumulated over the last three years, and we had to secure a flight before they disappeared on us.

one way ticket

I’ve got two tickets in my pocket, now baby, we’re gonna disappear

We picked the furthest destination, which would absorb all the points. That gets us precisely to Madrid, Spain. BUT, we have to get to Oregon first. Yay!

New Strategy

Up to now, we have been hesitant to post our travel intentions, primarily because our pup was such a wild card, we weren’t in a position we could commit. The van on the other hand, is still a bit of a wild card. It’s a beasty thing, and navigating certain locales will be out. Such as traffic in big cities, or seemingly zippy distances can be strenuous. volkswagon vanagon in woodsRegardless of Thor being a little unpredictable, we want to publish what we visualize playing out in 2017. I don’t want to miss opportunities along the way which may coincide with you or your travels.volkswagon vanagon on coast line

Most recently, we just missed crossing paths in the Yucatán with our friends who live in Italy. We are flexible enough now, that we could have bumped out our visit so timing would have lined up. That would have been so awesome.

I don’t want to catch myself saying “That would’ve been….” again.

Rough Outline

So here I go, my attempt to plot out 2017: The beginning of April, I will be flying to Nashville with Carli for a few days. We have a Mother/Daughter mini reunion planned, for some boot kickin’, toe tappin’ good times. Then back to Orlando, getting the wagon prep’d for the journey west. By mid April we should be on the road.volkswagon vanagon with "Oregon or Bust" spray painted on itOur current map has us following a route with the least change in elevation possible. We start by hugging the Gulf of Mexico and revisiting a couple of campgrounds on the coast. Then we shoot north through Mississippi to absorb some Civil War and Civil Rights sites. We have Hannibal, Missouri circled (Mark Twain’s hometown). Then it’s a long road of “waves of amber grain” until we get to Colorado, where we hope to spend some time exploring. Should be in Colorado by May.

We’ve heard great things about Boise, and have never visited, so we have that circled on our map. From there, we’ll slide into Eastern Oregon. I anticipate being there by mid June. We have a lot planned between Bend and Portland, including a wedding, hopefully some lunch dates, and totally looking forward to seeing the Great American Eclipse of August 21st in Central Oregon.

Journey of the Departed

We also have a mission to honor our Carlos. sweet dog in flower bedSo, he’ll be onboard with us. We want to camp on the Pacific Coast, trek some of the Cascades, visit “our” Wilderness Park, get our feet wet in the Willamette, drift the Deschutes. . . all his most treasured destinations.

dog on coast line with flock of seagulls taking off

picture of the nations tiniest park

Mill End Park, Portland, Oregon (the tiniest park!)

Then, out comes the Passport

On September 12th we head to Madrid! We are doing research on walking a portion of the Camino de Santiago – maybe a third of the pilgrimages’ 500 miles. Anyone up for a hike? We’d like to get to Barcelona. We have heard from so many, Barcelona is enchanting. . . a seaside city with boundless culture. . .  but, when we were there in 1986, it was dirty, seedy, and a seaside filled with container ships & warehouses. So, it should be a treat to see the transformation.

Other destinations on the wish list include Portugal and Morocco, where we have never been. What and When will be the next one way ticket, is anybody’s guess. Which flights will be available to us? Who will we meet along the way? What irresistible stories will convince us to go somewhere we didn’t anticipate? I’ll be sure to let you know!

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