Hit The Road Jack — leaving Glen Ellyn

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After an entire year of having Thor in storage, we finally get to feel the open road again.

And it’s COLD.

The midwest has had a very rainy season this year, temperatures have barely reached the 60’s. We dodged rain as we packed the van – you’d think we would’ve paid attention. But, Woody was determined to literally, get this show on the road. Unknowingly, the effort gave us good practice getting stuff under cover quickly.

…talking about the weather?! BORING

Changing gears right now!

So we left Glen Ellyn, navigated the dense Mack Truck traffic between ChicagoLand and Indiana, and once we broke through, settled in to our revived VANLIFE. I began to wonder if any of the levers on the dashboard might actually be heat.

The answer is, sort of.

I plugged in our familiar highway companion: my Road Trippin’ Playlist. All is right with the world when the van runs smooth and I get to blurt out lyrics… I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel, there’a voice in my head that drives my heel... Ah yes, I’m in my zone, over three hours of music and about that much road ahead. I couldn’t wait to checkout my new playlist, Camp Comp, short for Camping Compilation.

New Tricks Up The Sleeve:

Even though we spent plenty of time huddled in our rig, we relished a few new gimmicks which make camp life comfortable. One was the the new Camp Comp playlist… Woody LOVES it. We have yet to test-listen my other playlist, Starry Night (see weather report above!)

Scoot, Scooting, Scooted

Our collapsible scooter, weighing in at 28 pounds, has made its camping debut. We choose a camp site, then scoot the mile or so, to pay. Load it with firewood and water… much easier than lugging these things back to a settled camp. Never mind driving the rig for these items, once we stop, we stop. (Woody rule #78.)

Fiddle Fartin’ with the Fire

If Woody could write music, I’m fairly sure this would be his title song. But, it would be about me. You see, I love playing with the fire. I like starting a fire with a flint & striker. Carli gave me extra long matches for Christmas, these are a lot less effort, and I especially appreciate when it’s windy out. She also gave me little packets of chemicals which make the fire-gazing experience quite spectacular. (I’ll take it from here Melisandre!)

A Simple Teapot


While organizing the van, I noticed Woody had used duct tape to plug a drippy spout on our teapot. He already had duct tape on the handle and side ring – his hi-tech version of a silicon (hot proof) sleeve. It was time to replace it. I never gave much thought to what a hassle our old pot was until this shiny new one showed up. It has elevated our morning coffee-making experience.

Next Stop

We will be in Cleveland when you read this. Staying at an AirBnb, washing the camp smoke from our clothes and being a little civilized as we hit the Rock and Roll Museum, eat someone else’s cooking, and taste the local brews.

Stay Tuned For Our Cleveland Update Next Week

Sunset on Lake Erie

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  1. Byllie Epperson-Webster

    I love hearing about your exploits and I am so envious! However….I am so glad that you and Woody are having such a great time while you are young enough to really enjoy it! Keep on truckin’….


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