Hey Y’all, We’re in the Lone Star State

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Texas was not on the radar. In my book of travel dreams, Texas did not hit the register. Due to the power of “writing down your goals”, it’s no wonder we landed here. You see,

Remember the Alamo
Remember the Alamo

Woody had it on his Pillar List, a list that identified places he wanted to see on our adventure. This was about two years ago, I actually got mad at him, I didn’t believe he took it seriously. I mean, The Alamo?!

Then, on the other hand, it has always been our motto to follow the weather. You know, “going where the weather suits my clothes”? So, here I am, in Texas. 

We tackled a few cities in this BIG state, Amarillo, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, and Austin. WAIT, and whatever town I am in right now. Weather App says: Mont Belvieu! We probably won’t be doing much exploring here, we landed here because

Big Time Blow Out
Big Time Blow Out

of a Texas sized blow out, throwing our hubcap, loosing tread, and radial wires shooting everywhere. It hindered our trek, and threw us into Houston traffic. Hey, they have Texas-size traffic too. 7:30 pm, bumper to bumper for 6 miles, and on a Federal Holiday, Veterans Day.

Here is my Texas takeaway: Texans love Texas. Their pride is reflected on fence posts, road signs, clothing, purses, boots, trucks, billboards, decals, blue jeans and any other venue possibly imaginable. Their love of state does not come across the same way Californians demonstrate their self-import. In Texas, it feels as though their pride runs through their veins, it’s not the superfluous kind I felt with the California-wannabes. Enough of that sort of opinionated bias.


I was surprised by the strong German influence in the parts of Texas we traveled, road names to architecture. Apparently, in the 1840’s there was a large German immigration, spurred on by a couple of transplants, touting the wonders of Texas. And, the story we heard, these immigrants are also credited for the introduction of the accordion to Zydeco music.


We spent a couple days in Fredericksburg. It offered a big dose of German culture, many tasting opportunities, from wine, wurst, to hot sauce, and an open-air museum demonstrating early settler life.

San Antonio

San Antonio was our next city. 7th largest city in our nation (not verified by me.) And then we had 3 nights in Austin. What a fun city, and dog friendly!

Even I have to admit, Austin is weird! Count me on board to accept Austin as Portland’s sister city. Obviously, I know Portland much better – but based on my surface observations, here are some comparisons: Portland is more walkable and mass-transit friendly. Uber is in both cities, but Austin has a vote coming up to determine if Uber’s future will live here. Portland has phenomenal dining options, however, Austin has the BBQ and Tex-Mex dining cornered. Both have countless coffee options, so I’m going to take a stab they’re comparable. Austin’s craft brewing scene seems to be on par with Portland, but personally, those hops from the fertile northwest, for glorious IPAs, are always going to be my personal favorite.

Prost Y’all!

5 thoughts on “Hey Y’all, We’re in the Lone Star State

  1. Michele

    I always enjoy visiting Texas, particularly Austin. Great food & vibe, when you get down into it. Houston is filled with art & culture and also delicious food. I’ve never tasted so many great tequilas in my life.

  2. Robert Scott

    Howdy, y’all. Glad to see you took my advice and hit Fredericksburg. Nice town, eh? And Hali, you are quite correct on the German influence. The hill country of Texas is loaded with Germans. In fact, your Uncle Scottie was born in the German town of New Braunfels, which is a bit north of
    San Antone . . . er, San Antonio. And speaking of the Alamo city, I was surprised you went to see that town. It is loaded with Scott Clan members and we have a reunion there every year now. You went to the Riverwalk, clearly, and I hope you went up the Tower of the Americas and maybe saw some of the old Spanish missions as well. You saw the Alamo and it looks like you saw the Mercado too. As for Austin, Uncle Scottie went to school there, as you should remember. He also played football there, in case you had not heard that one. As for the gourmet scene, I imagine you tried Pearl Beer (a Texas beer) and you compared Tex-Mex food with New Mex-Mex food. The NM version is hotter. Did you find any puffy tacos? That’s a dish unique (sort of) to Texas. Anyway, thanks for the update and I am glad to see you have been in the Scott Family stomping grounds.

    1. Hali Post author

      Yes, the Fredericksburg tip was a good one – thank you, Bob! Did not see the puffy tacos, but I always like to collect reasons to visit a good destination again~

  3. Woody

    I beg to differ on Austin on par with Portland and their breweries. Portland is way more ahead although Austin’s brewery scene is growing and, as far as Texas goes, pretty good. Plus, I love the dog-friendly Biergarten style places we saw in Austin. Don’t mess with Oregon’s breweries.


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