Hello Oregon!

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We made it to Oregon! In typical fashion, the moment we drove across the border, this time the Idaho-Oregon border, it started to rain. Oh, my wet and rainy Oregon… What wasn’t typical was what Woody said, “I feel like I might cry.” It was part in humor, but I know, part very real.

But First There Was Boise

I’ve been struggling to come up with my way to describe Boise. The city offered the perfect blend of indy business, big city parks, affordable eats, and old favorite grocery stores like Trader Joe’s. Staying for a long weekend at an AirBnb in the North End, we found Boise totally walkable. We climbed the Camel’s Back,

picture from Camel's Back looking at city

On top of Camel’s Back, looking toward downtown and the Capitol building

we wove through the downtown farmer’s market, found a part of the Boise Greenbelt which wasn’t closed – much of it is still under water due to flooding.

Boise River at maximum capacity

Interpretive signs are under water…

We landed at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, an outdoor museum of sorts. It displays a moving collection of quotes on a granite wall. The quotes are from all walks of life, the wisdom of famous humanitarians or poets or paupers.

life size bronze statue of Anne Frank

Life size bronze sculpture of Anne Frank, peeking through an imaginary curtain

Then we wound up in a book store. Here I found a book with a collection of photographs of senior dogs with their “secrets to a long life.” Now I can’t find it anywhere online, but it would be something like this:

or this:

BUT I DIGRESS, seriously that little exercise was fun for me! Anyway, with the granite quotes still fresh in my mind, and this little book, I left the bookshop wiping tears. Time for some comfort food! Idaho potato-anything will fit the bill.

Crystal Crane

Continuing westward on 20, we were on the fence if we’d try to pull all the way through to Bend, or try to find a spot in between. We were back n’ forth on the topic when we were stopped for road work. The flagger hand signaled it would be at least 10 minutes, so off with the engine. She comes up to the driver side and starts a conversation on this quiet highway. Anyway, she held the answer to our dilemma. Her strong encouragement sent us to Crystal Crane Hot Springs just outside of Burns. Yeah, another hot springs! a pond at Crystal Crane hot springs

This hot spring was different than the others which had rivers whisking by and mountain ranges in the distance. This was a single pond surrounded with low growth, high desert plains. It was a pretty good set up, even offering a supply of hot coffee, and use of a camp kitchen.camp kitchen at Crystal Crane Hot Springs

It may not look like it in the hot spring photo, but it was so windy and cold that we were thrilled to be able to make dinner inside. By morning, the weather was still biting, so rather than break camp we made a run for the hot springs.

Once our bones were completely toasty, it didn’t feel so cold breaking down our camp. There were no driving issues other than a strong headwind. We made it to Mom’s house in time for lunch. Within seconds, Cricket (mom’s dog) gave us a disbelieving glare. A look of “tell me, this is some kind of bad joke.” Carlos was one of a handful of dogs she actually liked.

Well, we’re looking forward to exploring Bend, our favorite dog country, with our new twosome selves. One thing is for certain, hikes will be a lot different.

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  1. Michelle and Arne

    I am so glad our pooches made it into the dog book!!!! I laughed and cried… Can’t wait to see you and I am sure that you will find some four-legged friends to hike with in dog country. See you in August!


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