HELLO… from This Shelter in Place, Winter Garden

Is anybody out there?

Hey You!

Isn’t it amusing the songs that get stuck in your head when under quarantine, or shelter in place? We’ve had several. My faves have been Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face, Jim Carroll Band’s People Who Died, of course the header, “Is Anybody Out There“, is in reference to a tune from Pink Floyd’s Wall album. This week, strangely, Woody woke up with Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak stuck in his head… funny thing, he doesn’t always listen to Thin Lizzy, but when he does, so do our neighbors.


OK, no more dating myself.

Many thanks to those who have reached out to inquire about my/our well-being. It’s been a bit surreal these last 2-3 months, as it has been for most. We hope everyone in your circles are safe, healthy and coping with the “new normal,” assuming post lock-down is coming.

More of the Same

When we were playing the routine game during the Summer of Maribel, I got into gardening, cooking and meal prep. There were a lot of people around to share my efforts. This time, after 8 weeks of same place & peeps, my enthusiasm is dwindling. Every now & then I get a kick out of a successful meal, or treat. The latest: my take on CARROT BACON. For real! I got the recipe from a TikTok video and tweaked it from there.

Speaking of TikTok… it has been a source of some good belly laughs. I’ve actually run out of breath laughing at some of them.

I think it’s helps for fitful sleep. Or, could it be the 7-9 miles I’m clocking-in on my inline skates??

Looks like I skated Australia!

Little Bold Lady on Skates

Today my routine includes rollerblading!, or inline skating. In February I brought home a pair of blades that we found in Catherine’s closet. Used once (maybe twice), lighter-weight plastic with a neoprene “sock” which fits inside a plastic shell-boot, and laces that tie all the way up – no buckles. Likely late ’80’s, judging by the neon green wheels & laces.

After a couple uses, the plastic reinforcement on the tongue-part of the insert, shattered on both. I’ve duct-taped them with matching black tape, and they’ve been awesome. But, I realized I would probably enjoy a more modern skate technology.

With so many factories shut down, finding a size 7 rollerblade has been next to impossible. Carli & Devon had planned on gifting a pair of blades for Mother’s Day. They were on the way to pick them up – a 30 mile drive – when Carli gets an email that their order was CANCELLED. I had some K2’s ordered from Seattle, they took the money, but my actual order was never fulfilled. After a couple calls, they found my money but had “no idea what happened” to the actual blades. If ever there was a sign to just be happy with what you have – this was it. (Post note: I received a call from a shop in San Luis Obispo – they had a size 7 returned and offered them up, should be here next week! Yes, I’m ready to take anything.)

We are lucky to be surrounded with plenty of space to spread out. Our pathways are wide, plus our association is obsessed with power-washed sidewalks, and not too far, there’s a movie theater parking lot which has been an excellent place to practice. Rollerblading may not have been my first choice hobby, but it has been exhilarating, and for the last 5 weeks, I look forward to putting the skates on.

I’ve said it before, and I don’t think it can get old, but when it comes right down to it:

Life Itself is a Reason to Celebrate – even if you are in one place.

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Just a travel junkie trying to find my voice in the blogosphere. I enjoy sharing my photography and fast facts I learn in the places I travel through.

8 thoughts on “HELLO… from This Shelter in Place, Winter Garden

  1. Lois ST SURE

    I think roller blading is something I won’t do. I tried riding a motor scooter a few years ago and hurt my knee. I fell off my bike not too long ago and am experiementing with an electric bike. However, it’s too big for me.
    We do walk and Jay is off on his bike all the time. Zooming seems to take up much of our time. It’s not the same as person to person. All the grandchildren are “learning” on Zoom. We do get to see Cathy and family occasionally long distance. We sit in their yard and they stay in the house. However, the girls cheat a lot. We do wear masks – it have to, but I’d do it anyway. I think I will be cautious about going to many places. Costco hasn’t seen my face in 3 months (I’m sure they are crying). I drove by once and the line was blocks long – that was the senior time. I don’t need anything (yet) that I don’t have or can’t order. Groceries are in Jay’s bike.

    1. Hali Post author

      You know, we haven’t had the *joy* of dealing with Zoom, so you are ahead of us on that point. Glad Jay enjoys the bike, because that would accomplish several GOOD things at the same time: exercise, fresh air and GROCERIES! All our best to you and your entire family – XOXO!

      1. Amy Stevenson

        Hali, I want to be you when I grow up! So rad! Family favorite song now… The Clash, “Should I Say or Should I Go”…If I go there will be trouble… if I stay it will be double…


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