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Our daughter is on her first trip to Europe as a young adult. Carli, and her lifelong friend, are starting from Amsterdam and ultimately winding their way to Barcelona, traveling via plane, train and bus. They’ve built friendships with exchange students from high school, so have a few great connections and opportunities to reunite.



Being a Passport and Postcard kid, we thought to include her “electronic postcards” for this weeks newsletter:

Good morning. Slept through our first night in Amsterdam. Somehow Sarah and I managed to stay up till 9:00 pm last night, after getting in early in the morning yesterday. 

Took a bus and a train to get to Amsterdam Centraal. Then found a map outside of a shop, took a photo of it to use to find our hostel. We checked in and then met up with Natalie and Efsun. We went to the Van Gogh Museum, which we found boring, but it was fun by our hilarious commentaries, made the museum worth it. For example, we talked about Van Gogh’s straw hat and how much we liked him wearing it in his self portraits. 

We also ended up doing the Heineken Experience. It was more engaging for us. There were a bunch of different activities and games to play throughout the experience. Even a

Make mine a beer, I mean, make ME a beer

Make mine a beer, I mean, make ME a beer

ride-like part where they turned us into beer. It was almost a 4D movie. We also got to try a Heineken after all of it, which didn’t taste slightly as great as they make it sound throughout the tour. They used all these fancy adjectives that got my hopes up… Or should I say hops up?! …but really though. 

The Flying Pig hostel is fine for sleeping in. We are sharing the room three others bunk beds. I still haven’t learned the bathroom yet. There isn’t any towel to dry your hands with, so you need to bring your own. We have a sink in our room so I could just wash my hands in there, now that I think of it… Bathroom and shower room are very small. There’s no place to set your clothing down in the shower room, just a hanger for your towel. 

Falling asleep was easy for Sarah and me, but the morning was pretty noisy and hard to sleep in. People packing up, running the sink to brush their teeth, squeaky water bottles… etc. 

Today we continue exploring Amsterdam. About to head down to try the free breakfast our hostel offers. 


 And, one more for today:

Yesterday Sarah and I rented some bikes for 13€. It was terrifying. You definitely have to be focused while riding a bike here in Amsterdam. You can’t be a typical tourist looking around. Never just stop on a bike. I don’t know how locals drive around here with all the foot and bike traffic.

We met up again with Natalie and Efsun yesterday did some walking around and exploring some more. Went to this really great pancake place. Called The Pancake Bakery (clever, I know). It was a crepe like pancake, but the size of a pizza. You could chose between sweet and savory pancakes. I got the ham and cheese one. Although, I was debating on the banana and Nutella pancake too. It was delicious I ate almost the whole thing, which is saying a lot.  

breakfast for dinner

breakfast for dinner

Later in the evening I did get my Nutella fix at a place that has waffles. It’s just a waffle with Nutella spread on it. Basically yesterday was a breakfast day, now that I think of it.

As of today, we will probably do the same with exploring some more. Natalie is still here till later tonight, Efsun left this morning. I think we might do a picnic today somewhere in one of the parks around here. I also want to get the fries with that mayonnaise sauce at some point before we leave. We will also be checking out a market place near by.

Tomorrow we leave early for our flight to Berlin. So today will just be packing up and plan out tomorrow some more.  

More updates to come!



I am so proud…

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