Got No Plans – Can’t Make Any Promises

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Happy New Year and Hello 2016!

My introduction to 2016 was on an early morning walk. The thermometer a brisk few degrees above zero, sun shining, the sky a brilliant blue, and, bright white snow sparkling at my feet.IMG_1037 Oh, and a sweet little red heeler/border collie at my feet too, Cricket.IMG_1028

Yes, a complete 180° from the flip flops I was talking about the other day! And, this time the snow isn’t created by Disney Magic.

I am in Bend, Oregon. Here, I experience a different sort of magic. IMG_1020Travelled this distance in half a day. Funny to look at it and think, I took half the year just to get to Florida!

I’m here to lend a hand to my mom, who just underwent some serious foot surgery. Not fun for anyone, let alone an avid dancer. Six weeks of non-weight baring activity is on her calendar. And able-bodied-assistant is on mine!

One of the greatest gifts of being on the road, and not tied down, is the freedom. Not a day has gone by that I don’t reflect on this fact and feel gratitude. Simultaneously, one of the most difficult parts of this journey has been freedom. Here’s my thinking, in order to remain fancy free, one must not be “locked in” to plans. You make too many commitments, and you lose the freedom. On my vision board, I used the word “spontaneous” to represent this freedom. I coveted it.

And, here it is, my vision!

And, here it is, complicated.

A brand new year, and I want to commit to the reunions, make camp reservations, set a date, make the plans, create the list. . . You see, I’m a bit of an “A”-type personality. And this spontaneous stuff, is a real effort. I have to work at it; it’s difficult for me not to make plans. Heck, I have to look at relaxation itself, as a goal!

So, there you have it, my (on going) resolution: be free, stay free, and don’t commit to anything further than a month out. Seize the opportunities – like, supporting your mom’s recuperation – as they fall in your lap. More importantly, keep that lap open – so you CAN catch those falling opportunities!

I think it’s going to be a fantastic year.





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6 thoughts on “Got No Plans – Can’t Make Any Promises

  1. Robert Scott

    Hali, you may have no plans, but there might be some folks who have plans for you. Hmmm. Wonder who that might be?

  2. Michelle

    Hali…I love your manifesto (or New Years resolution) as well as your honesty behind it! It is very inspirational

  3. Mormor

    Hali, you are the BEST! What a treasure you are, spending your long awaited journey time to help me through this one-legged hopping recovery. Another week here, and then I hope you will trade the snow boots for flip flops again! Love you so much, and thank you Woody and Carli for sharing her

  4. lori

    Free time… Read more! I just finished reading ” The Art Of Racing In The Rain” It is narrated by a dog, Enzo. I loved this book.


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