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We sailed from Goodland, Kansas to Denver. Not breaking any land speed records, but we kept up agreeably. Pulling into Denver we thought we had this, we can make it to Oregon! Then, just as soon as we pull in for fuel, Thor did “it” again. A sudden loss of power, no gas getting to the engine, dead in the water. Or, I should say, dead on the road. A couple good sports and Woody managed to push the van out of the way, and after 20 minutes we were (randomly) moving again. But we are not going far until someone looked at it. The good part was that it was the weekend. There was nothing we could do about the van until Monday – so we seized this amazing city by foot and stayed at an AirBnb.

What a Great Town to Be Stuck In – and I’m Not Exaggerating

We did a bunch of walking, crossed pedestrian bridges, and tromped through snow under a brilliant blue sky! hiking boot prints in snowWe pet a lot of dogs! The people we met were passionate about Denver, and enthusiastic about small business. The dining options were amazing. We had a hearty lunch-in-a-bowl at Biju’s Little Curry Shop.

indian flat bread

Deliciousness on top of Indian flat bread at Tocabe Restaurant

Had American Indian cuisine, which was deliciousness on top of flat bread. And then there were the creative pasty’s from The Pasty Republic, where the day olds were $3.00!


Of course we didn’t miss the Denver beer scene. The best local brew we’ve tasted in a l-o-n-g time.

reflection of us at Jagged brewery

Can’t pass this up – it practically uses our tag line!

As we explored, it was evident we were among our kind – and the right place for a repair:

VW van doubles as a photobooth

A Photobooth in the ShutterBus

vw van selling coffees

Day of Reckoning

Monday came fast, but we figured out where we’d take Thor: to Eric at 5280 Motorsports. While he was working on his diagnostics, we did some more walking. This time we were in the “LoHi” (Lower Highlands) neighborhood. Here we stumbled upon a kombucha tap room.

colorful glasses of kombucha

our flight of Kombucha

We ordered a kombucha flight, enjoyed the brew, and our barista. We also found a Money Museum, the Denver Federal Reserve which was pretty uninteresting, in my opinion.

woody's face in a bill

van Buren wannabe

1,000,000 bill

van buren for point of reference

About two hours later we get a call from Eric. We’re missing a “throttle clip.” We wrapped up the Money Museum, and headed back before lunch. But get this, he didn’t charge us for his time or for the part! That was our second “score” in Denver. A restaurant manager had bought our beers & dinner just a couple days before.  Like, does this ever happen? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Boy, I like Denver.

Mud Season

Heading north and west, we climbed two passes: the Loveland Pass and Rabbit Ears. Thor made it like a champ and we climbed over 2 miles high, landing in Steamboat Springs [geo_mashup_map]. We connected with family, Rick & Catherine, and I was able to lend Catherine a hand with some tech support. The views from Rick’s home are spectacular

view from a home

Yes, this is beauty

and the hiking accommodates any skill level. It’s a great time to visit – even though several shops close early, or simply don’t open – during “Mud Season.” We did the hiking, we know why it’s Mud Season.

snow runoff and mud

snow runoff and mud is our trail

We’re heading out Friday to climb a bit higher and explore more of Steamboat, to see first hand how it got its name (we know it has to do with the natural hot springs.)  The camping will be primitive, so I’m getting this out, and those details will have to follow.



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4 thoughts on “Go Take A Hike!

  1. Mormor

    Hmmm. Someone buys you dinner. Someone else fixed your car for nothing. Sure you are not starting to look like a homeless couple? Better get out that razor, Woody!

  2. John Stipan

    Hey, congratulations on two years on the road, from May 2015 to May 2017 I’ve enjoyed your adventures, laughed, cried (Mr Carlos), and prayed for you (& Thor)… if you swing through the Columbia River Gorge you’re welcome to stop/visit/dine/use our kayaks/hike up to Dry Creek Falls/meet my wife Brenda Stipan/watch a Brenda work her master patination on a bronze sculpture/drink a beer at Thunder Island Brewery/see the largest American Bald Eagle in the world being sculpted by my sister-in-law right here in Cascade Locks, Oregon (to be cast in bronze)/visit our family bronze foundry- Heart of the Gorge Bronze/and check out our house & backyard garden… all in the name of old time’s sake/park Thor in our backyard and set up a tent! Peace out! John


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