Getting a Veggie-Fix in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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We’ve had a bounty of fresh vegetables this summer. I have enjoyed the challenge and hustle to keep on top of them.

tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini

Our mini bounty

My zucchini repertoire has absolutely exploded, though the squash blossom stuffed with chard & goat cheese has had a few encores. In my search for recipes, I’ve learned so much… like, how to store tomato paste: plop tablespoon-sized paste on a plate and stick in freezer until frozen, then put in a ziplock bag. Full time access to a freezer is pretty neat, and yeah, I’m easily amused.

Has Life Ever Sent You A Message?

OK, so now I’m going cosmic on you… I’ve experienced a few “signs” that it is my time to choose a diet more thoughtful of animal welfare. I’m still doing my homework, and in the meantime have embraced a veggie-centric diet.

Heck, I’m surrounded by the beautiful stuff. It’s not just “meatless Monday” around here, it’s meatless Wednesday and Thursday too.

I’ve learned to disguise my new preferences by making veggie substitutes. I know you’ve heard of Veggie Burgers, but I’ve shaped mine to look like sausages. They were able to “hide” in the sausage & vegetable meal Woody made (image above.) They looked so sausagey, I had to poke people away from my “franks” and redirect to the real deal.

Barbecue pork chops on your plate?, mine is a BBQ Tofu “Chop.” My goal is to discover if the Humaneitarian club really does exist.

Another Catering Gig

A sit down dinner for 21 guests, on the veranda.

table set with bar set in background

On the veranda

The menu: Tossed Field Greens with garden tomatoes and marinated cauliflower, Poached Salmon with a dill tzatziki sauce, Summer roasted corn salad, Spiral Zucchini and baby (dark) red potatoes with dill. For dessert, Lemon cake with boozy blueberries!

I was given the task of arranging the centerpieces… pretty much anything in this backdrop pales in comparison:

table setting

The Set Table

Catering for the B’s” has been one source of inspiration for my diet change. Their menu choices place emphasis on locally sourced food systems. They like their fruit and veggies – as a matter of fact, they will forgo the dessert, and stick with simple fruit.

Lots to Grapple With

Woody has always supported my diets: the cabbage soup diet, my brief Atkins stint… and well, this one is more expensive and a lot more thoughtful. He is a frugal shopper, and when one brand of chicken thighs cost four times more because those chickens got to see the light of day, his thought is, the bottom line is, both chickens wind up dead. 

Of course, I then move on from the “animal welfare” point, to the waste, emissions, manure lagoons… all found in industrial farming. Heck, they can’t even be called farms anymore – they’re Animal Feeding Operations. Ew!

That’s What I’ve Been Up To

This coming week is going to be a big one, with lots of changes.

spinning down a rabbit hole

hang on!!

Changes which do NOT involve diet. We are orchestrating plans to move Maribel closer to lifelong friends and family. It’s been a very difficult process with raw nerves, exposed emotions, and always second guessing ourselves. I can’t elaborate too much, our plans continually evolve.

Stay tuned and thank you for following!



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