Fun with Friends in Florida

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Sorry for another “F” alliteration. I promise, it will be my last. The same circumstances which brought Bev & John to France, has brought them to Florida… so, we do what friends do when they get together: drink too much.


A little bit.

Started by Cleaning House

Why? Because we adore John & Bev so much, we helped them MOVE.Woody & Buzz and Moving Buddy Meme

Yes, those words which send others running, or acquiring unknown illness, or into coma… we stuck around. But, before we moved things, we had to clean things.


Because, that’s what we do. We’re good at it. And, nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing things get done. In one day, we moved all that needed to be moved, and with minimal casualty: one drinking glass, a couple scrapes on Ikea furniture (oh and maybe a tweaked door), and a desk drawer which I believe (hope) I pieced together again. Overall = Success.

The drink and dining rewards were stellar, and the company even better.

Then it was Our Turf

Twirling in fake snow

Bev and John came our direction, to Winter Garden and spent a couple nights. We started by sharing some of our Florida Snow…

We had arranged 8:30pm dinner reservations, so wouldn’t let anyone eat until then. Besides, we thought we would carry on the late-night dining traditions we experienced in France.

Our treat was at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, and the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. Performing for 40 years, it is one of the longest running dinner-shows in American history. A show which is somewhere between a hootenanny and a vaudeville act. Basically, a Western themed, boot kickin’, lip smackin’, song-singing good ole time.

Continuing our Travel Theme…

We took the Gleason’s around the World, Epcot Style. Starting with Woody’s personal favorite, the Coca Cola’s of the world:

soda & Beverly

Yes, the one and only BEVERLY

We then proceeded to “Living with the Land,” a combination of demonstration, production and research facility. Here we get a peek at some unusual concepts about the future of agriculture. Literally, from hydroponics to aeroponics.

Then More Eating

A first for all of us – the Coral Reef Restaurant. Where one can observe the habitat of the food we’re eating… OK, I know that’s gross.

Time for Traveling!

After a relatively slow start, we got our momentum and cruised the many countries Epcot has to offer.


Gran Finale

For the finish, we managed to sit still through the Christmas Candlelight Processional. Another Disney landmark encompassing something like 60 years! No small feat, considering it has a 50 piece live orchestra, a massive choir, and a celebrity narrator – in our case, Neil Patrick Harris. Carli has been wishing to see this since landing in Florida. Due to its high demand, it requires a large investment of time (waiting in line) in order to catch it.

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